Last week, we shared concept art of our Forge series of The Forbidden Sanctum Supporter Packs. Today's post features concept art from its counterpart, the Gemling series! Check it out below.

Beehive Weapon

Stampede Quicksilver Flask

Gemling Armour Set

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The tagline for the gemling supporter pack could've been : "You're more machine now than man."
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I'm sorry but that Stampede Flask needs a rework of some kind. The clarity issues it brings is insane! I also really liked the idea of this pack (and Cadiro) so I bought it all
Make wallpapers available for us to put on our machines, please!
Alan Leonardo Piovesan
Will be grabbing these packs soon :D
IGN: JerleSanctum
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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When are you going to do some stylish ancient Greece inspired packs?

I'd buy those instantly.
I only bought this pack for Brodiro.
Curiosity is followed by ambition. Ambition, is followed by madness.
looks amazing!!!
the bee hive should be a mtx, just fun looking one, and the armor looks cool.

but cant by anything until specters are fixed.
skills Needs Rework:
Raise Specter, Raise Zombie.

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