Gone to play Warframe on Steam

[3.xx][Jan1/23] Lvl90,Chieften, d.o.t. Scorching Ray Version 3.0

Bandits kill all 3

pastbin => Fork





No Cluster Jewels Or Bots Here.

Scorching Ray dosen't hit, but the holy flame totem does.
The curse from the gloves travels to the totem & curses the mobs.

Turn those mobs into crispy critters

The staff will cost 4 devine orbs
the gloves, 3 divine orbs
the helmet, 1 devine orb

The rest of the gear is maby 80 chaos at most.

I have alot of life regeneration.
And alot of damage over time

can get 3 piles of sulfite fairly easy on a T14/15 map.

Bosses are an issue

turn the mobs into crispy critters

I spend time down in the mines. I got tons of resonators & a few fossils. Not going down to much past depth 50

You Can get the second trinket fairly easily Just get a trinket blueprint Then do it in the grand hiest area. You Can only Use IT once you finish the hiest, it is only good for use in the rouge harbor You can't equip it on another character He/she Has to do the trinket blueprint hiest

If you get a good one, it sells for 4 or 5 ex

looks like


I Will Create A Character Soon To Do Endgame.
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why do you keep bumping this to the top if you have gone to play a different game?

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