Founding Fathers recruitment

Hello Exile,

Looking for a POE guild that values group play, Discord communication, and years of experience? Look no further than the Founding Fathers! We play on PC only and looking to expand our guild.

Our community is primarily focused on softcore league play for the long haul, with a fun and humorous atmosphere. We offer POE knowledge and support, as well as banter and a diverse group of members from all over the world, but primarily based in the US. Our members are all about pushing limits in-game and juicing making us the perfect guild for players who want to reach their full potential. Come join us and become a valued member of our community!

Please reach out to one of our officers listed below:
- Aesthetia
- H3nr0ck
- Shamanarchy
- L0ngstride
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Just a friendly bump for a good, welcoming guild!
looks fun, will bump this for others to see!

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