In today's news, we wanted to share some concept art from our The Forbidden Sanctum Supporter Packs! We're featuring concept art and some work-in-progress pictures from the Forge series today. We'll share concept art from the Gemling series next week!

Clockwork Back Attachment

Crowstorm Portal Effect

High Templar Weapon Effect

Forgeguard Armour Set

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Grinding Gear Games
the portal effect is so cool
I really wanted that back attachment, but I wanted Cadiro as my hideout vendor just a little bit more.
Wait. The template effect works on shields? Just watched 1 video on it and it looks cool. I might reconsider but that's expensive for only liking one thing.
waow clockwork so intricate, well done, niace
Clockwork Back attachment

more like

Clockwork fart attachment hehe

10/10 better than wings
The pale flame of his heart disappeared in his azure reflection.
The work of a life.
Ambitious, and unfinished.
Very cool!
IGN: JerleSanctum
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
Ripped 760pdps +2arrow bow 16 Aug 2020 - 16 Aug 2020
3.21 Waiting Room (No more?) - Why does Ruthless have exclusive league challenge rewards???
That's very intricate and beautiful, congrats to the artist(s) and keep up the great work!

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