Extending Private Leagues After it Ends

I have started a private sanctum league with friends. For now we only have 10 days of time.

Are we able to let the 10 days expire and then fund another 10 days at a later date? If so, is there any limit to this?

For example, could we play for 10 days now. Stop for a week, pay for another 10 days, stop for a couple months then start again? Assumption would be that when we start again, it would be standard then.

Thanks for your help.
Last bumped on May 25, 2024, 3:04:01 AM
The total time a Private League may be active is 60 days. Any time inactive is not counted towards this (so for example, 10 days active, then 5 days inactive before being reactivated for another 10 days would only be 20 of the total 60 days used).

If a Private League parented to a temporary league such as Sanctum would continue past the temporary league's end date, it will become parented to Standard/Hardcore instead, and lose any temporary league properties.
Why tho? It seems like you guys just limit for no good reason. What if i wanna a start a private league of the current league with my friends and keep it going for years? Why can't we do this? If its a server issue just make it that we can host ourselves. Seems like you're wasting away potential revenue and just getting in the way of people's fun. Also why can't i create an infinite delve or heist only league. You could make a lot of people really happy with much effort there...
There are many obvious problems with most of your suggestions.

What it mostly boils down to is loot, though. Unless the private league was going to be voided, they cannot have loot mechanics from the past infusing items into the current environment. And there isn't currently a void option for private leagues.

They definitely can't let the game be hosted on random computers, again for simple reasons related to loot.
Voting for the ability to make endless heist and delve league.
Also a great thing like slider, for example, adjusting scarcity from bench league to ruthless (or even more).

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