Revelation Blade ?

Hey GGG and mtx enjoyers,

Revelation Blade still looks PRETTY OFF compared to how is presented in the video. I've mixed the settings to see if it was from my end, but it wasn't.

Plus, why doesn't it have the option, like many other mtx, to pick the blade presentation state? I'd like to perm rock the fully cracked blade, or half blade, or even never broken.
Otherwise I get to see the broken blade for 3 seconds LOL, which in the middle of this game's action, pretty much means never...

I'm thinking about asking for a refund, cuz I really expected something different... Anyone feels the same?

Take care
Last bumped on Feb 4, 2023, 10:02:03 AM
Could someone please explain how is Revelation Blade applied exactly? tooltip says it is weapon effect, not a weapon, so can I apply it to another MTX weapon, and if yes, will the blade shell shape itself around that MTX weapon?

As shown in video, don't like it because it is broad like a spade. If there is a way to make it thinner, would buy it.

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