In an upcoming patch, we'll be adding support for party members to go offline while staying in the party. Check out what we've got cooking up below:

When you log out, you can now stay in your party, though you can still be kicked from the party while offline.

After you've been offline for 2 minutes, you will be automatically kicked from the party. The amount of time is subject to change.

Offline party members will show the last known character that was online, and once logged back in, they will still be in the party as expected unless they switched character. If you had any pending invites before you went offline, they will still be present once you log back into the game.

As a reminder, we've also made the following changes in 3.20 that are already live:
  • We've fixed the party invite notification to always show the player that sent the invite, rather than showing the party leader.
  • We've updated the notifications to display more accurate information, such as if you were kicked from the party or if the party was disbanded.
  • The context menu (the menu that pops up when you right click a player) has also been slightly cleaned up so that buttons shown are dependent on the player's location, online/offline status and from where you accessed the context menu.
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Finally! Love to see these enhancements to the social system.
Last edited by ClumsyParasite on Jan 30, 2023, 3:25:42 PM
wtf is a beachboat
Right on!
pog! now increase stack sizes! and reduce the clicking players need to do to play the game. Thanks
5 Minutes would be better than 2 minutes in my opinion.

Think of people with older computers, or those that need to do a full system reboot to rerun PoE. I was one of those people in the past.

Awesome idea!

Please also add in a script for what monster, attack, etc. that killed you.

This would also be an amazing quality of life (or death) add on!

Keep up the good work!

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