Our community's hideout makers continue to impress, so in today's news post we decided to highlight some hideouts from our Hideout Showcase forum! If you're looking for a new Hideout or need some inspiration for your next one, check them out in the video below!

Here's a list of the hideouts featured in the video (.hideout files are available for download in corresponding forum threads):

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Grinding Gear Games
very cool
the dragon head looks pretty good
TheDevilTom wrote:
the dragon head looks pretty good

Hahahah, thank you!

And thank you GGG for the feature as well!
🔥 My hideouts thread: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3225205
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Thank you a lot for featuring me!
And also congrats to all other creative individuals! Really well done projects!
Congratulations to all participants.
I hope one day to see my work next to yours again.
my hideouts - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3228515
Love the hideout showcases, time to update my hideout haha.
Looks great!
IGN: JerleSteelChampion/JerleRuthlessAgain
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
How will POE2 and POE coexist?
Amazing hideouts as always!
Pls more torture chambers next! :3
Her beauty did not fade
her humanity did not survive.

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