Intensity of Music Track scaling by Map/Player/Mob Levels

I really like the Music and Sounds, made for this game.

What the problem is:
first of all, it plays all the time, and even the best music can be exhausting when heard over and over again permanently.

by setting random timers or trigger points, where the (also basic Act Music) Starts really could amplify its effect, and be a nice to have when it comes.

The second thing, is when a Boss fight starts and the Soundtrack starts playing it's nice.

And as a Third point, Soundtracks could be scaled with Intensity by Player/Mob level, meaning, the higher a Map/Player/Mob Level is, the more Intense the Music could play.

Why I say this:
I noticed it since the "Legion League", where The Music was extremely nice, yet when I was playing in the early game and the heavy music was hitting my ears with the season content, it just didn't feel right.

because there was way too little action compared to the music made for early games.

for example "The Game Doom or the Halo Game".

Anyways, thanks for reading, and I'm doing those feedback because I like the Game and hope it gets better with each Patch.

kind regards
Last bumped on Jan 22, 2023, 10:15:16 PM

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