[3.20] Charge Stacking Impale Reap/Exanguinate Champion

This is my first time writing a guide, I have always wanted to make a charge stacking duelist caster since the time Arn's Anguish came into existence. The introduction of entropic devastation finally made that happen for me.

Build Idea
The build is built around a Charge Stacking mechanic

First we stack power charges is done by picking up power charges on the tree and using 2 uniques which give us 3 maximum power charges combined and they also give our build the much needed increased damage per power charge. These are Void Battery and Malachai's Loop.

Next using max Power Charges to get Max Frenzy Charges using the Unique Badge of the Brotherhood.

Finally get Max Endurance Charges to get Max Frenzy Charges by picking up Masterful Form of Slayer.

We are also picking up Inner Conviction to get 3% More Damage per Power Charge.

To generate All the charges we use Ralakesh's Impatience, since we are stationary while casting the spell. This also offsets the downsides from Malachai's Loop and Inner Conviction

Videos Links
T16 Map Clear: https://youtu.be/V6659ZXHiM4

Lycia, Herald of Scourge: https://youtu.be/KyhE_e1WRZo

Uber Exarch: https://youtu.be/UxsC0cK0bUA


Why is the unreserved mana so low?
Since our main skill costs life, I took the liberty to reserve almost all my mana. This lead to having ony 3 unreserved mana. Hence we attach life tap to assassin's mark and lightning warp

How do we sustain life?
We run vitality for life regeneration. Cannibalistic Rite for reduced life cost of skills. We are petrified blood build with 51% unreserved life this lets us have overleech.

How do you get leech?
Unfortunately there are not many sources for physical spell leeched as life. This mod is only available on Amulets(Elder/Hunter Influence and Delve Mod). Our amulet slot is a unique so we cannot use that. The only source I could think of the we can use is Vitality watcher's eye mod for x% damage leeched as life while affected by vitality

Why does clear feel so bad?
For clearing most content I swap Reap Spell Cascade Support with Exsanguinate Chain Support. With Exsanguinate and lightning warp the Clear feels amazing. The lightning warp is very quick as a result of all the movement speed we get while in combat.

T16 Map Clear video with Exanguinate:

Why does damage feel low?
You need Pain Attunement on your Sanctified Relic using Lysia's Invocation of Pain Attunement

Path of Building

Gear and Gem Links


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Can this build use mageblood?
Can this build use mageblood?

Arn's Anguish gives us about 33% chance to deal triple damage if you are at 11 Max Charges. That's approximately 99% more damage. By giving up that belt for Mage Blood, We gain 11 Endurance charges which makes us more resistant to physical Damage, and if we use a Bismuth Flask with Resistances, we can probably drop Purity of elements and Start running Zealotry. We can use a watcher's eye Mod to get Arcane Surge while Effected by Zealotry. This might Offset some of the Damage loss.
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how did you level? as an attack build and then transition? or as faster from the start?

how did you level? as an attack build and then transition? or as faster from the start?

Yes, I leveled as a Melee build and later transitioned when I was able to equip void battery, ralakesh and badge

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