Build of the Week Season 11 - Episode 2 - CheapBunny's Artillery Ballista Deadeye

watching Rue roast this build made me LAUGH
GGG. Before taking as an example "someone's" supposedly made builds, check them yourself, and do not believe him, firstly, his gloves do not work in the build, and totems from them cause viserine stacks, BUT the postscript is 4% of incoming damage from the elements from 15 stacks (60%), does not work at all, Vilma's helmet has a built-in key skill for +1 totem, which prohibits you from doing damage, and in the line for 4% of incoming damage from the element, there is a postscript "from your hits", which means that damage from the hand that is zero due to the key skill will not cause 4% incoming for each viser in general, but the problem is not that, but that people will want it to work for totems, and here the postscript "from your hits" prohibits totems from inflicting 4% incoming damage for each of the 15 visers that they can impose. And then the question is why they explain these gloves in such a way, placing such an emphasis on the viser, if the most important buff from them in the assembly with totems does not work, BUT this is only about gloves.(
Give such a camera in boss battles, as in the video. Why do ordinary players have to suffer and see only part of the platform?
Nice "Chu ko nu" Build
If you advertise it as a "cheap" build, then you should highligh a "cheap" character. precurser is in no way a cheap item. and so are a many of the other items.

The video should really be split into 2 section. first is the cheap-o version that shows the basic setup, then comes the high end, gear goals version. come on GGG, PoE youtubers have been doing this for ages now, this is basic stuff.
Softcore build.
looks cool
Hows doest Onlsaught double dip there when its not for Anomalous Kinetic bolt
(Anomalous "Increases and Reductions to Cast Speed apply to Attack Speed at 2.5% of their value" )

I remmeber Mathil did build with this stacking attack and cast speed and stats which gave attack and cast speed didint doubledip only higher was pick
im talking about mods like Elder suffix: (13–14)% increased Attack and Cast Speed

Can GGG Explain ?
So its changed now and its gonna work for A Kinetic bolt ? or its only work for this Hat ? or Video is wrong ?:)
"Cheapbunny has made it to level 100, so he must be doing something right!"

Those 5 ways be hittin lmao
Softcore build.

You mean a build for 95% of the players, yes.

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