Constant Latency Spikes

Same. I was doing 'ok' with the lag spikes for the most part, had a few questionable deaths...

Worst, just to show how insane the lag is, was when I was fighting only a few of the jumpy guys in Prisoner's Gate. At that point, I had only a couple auras, and used smite. The enemies had no extra graphics involved. I died because the game froze and I came back dead.

Now, I have been told the reason we have major lag is the massive amounts of particle effects, enemies, calculations, etc etc etc...

But, ~3 enemies with basic attacks like leaping at me. A couple auras. Smite.


Last league I had some issues too, and it forced me to quit the game. So, it isn't new. It HAS gotten worse over time, though. Last league, my console kept shutting down entirely, claiming it was overheating. I have a fan aimed at it, with it sitting on a wire baking rack so that it has nearly perfect venting room on all sides, too. Every time, it was just lukewarm. No overheating.

So, something about the game is causing major lag spikes, but also causing the consoles to react really badly. I didn't have this issue before the current gen of consoles, either. My OG Xbox One I used to play on ran the game almost flawlessly.

So, please, someone, explain how we upgraded tech, got faster connection speeds, better routers, and so much more... yet, the game runs worse. I have tried all the basic stuff with different servers/gateways, different networking, etc. Even made sure I have no firewalls, and tried passthroughs, and the rest.

Nothing is helping. And, I can't even get farther than a few feet into maps because the game freezes and kills me. I don't know what you guys changed in the game over the last couple years, but it isn't working. There's no reason I have a completely better setup almost all the way around, and now have worse capability for playing, unless it is something GGG did.
Aragorn14 wrote:
Scroll down to the third section and follow the MTR guide and post one up in this thread and one of us lurkers can take a look see.

Getting massive issues later in the day.

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