Bug challenge ----Terror Tearing at the Seams


Terror Tearing at the Seams

Killing Breach boss is not counted!!
Last bumped on Jan 22, 2023, 4:29:25 PM
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Can confirm this is true.

All others are counted towards challenge progress only Breach bosses are not.
same, made a gif with evidence

This is also happening to me.
This is new, I've farmed almost all of my 47/50 kills on breachlords, maybe 10 on delirium bosses and beyond bosses
don't they technically disappear and not die in maps?
I have the same bug, breach bosses does not contribute, but beyond ones work.
Same issue, and only recently, of Breach bosses not counting.
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Thanks for your report, I'll pass this on.
Please fix this......i run a lot of maps to find out this dont work :(
Jatin_GGG wrote:
Thanks for your report, I'll pass this on.

Can you explain why, a month later, this isn't patched?

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