We're on the lookout for new builds to feature for Build of the Week Season 11! If you've got a cool build that you think fits the bill, make sure you post it in the Classes/Builds sub-forum on the forum homepage! This time, we won't look for builds exclusively on our forum, so we'll be on the lookout in other places too! We'll also look out for your build If you need some inspiration, check out all the episodes from Season 10 below.

Episode 1: ABCkid's Self-Shock Lightning Conduit Raider

Episode 2: Mathil's Rolling Magma Deadeye

Episode 3: Frost666's Relic of the Pact Inquisitor

Episode 4: omnompanda's Saqawal's Twister Inquisitor

Episode 5: Akshay's Ward Loop Scion

Episode 6: Devon752's "Hotstepper" Frostblink Elementalist

Looking for more? Check out the archive of builds on our playlist on Youtube here!

Thanks for watching, see you next time!
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Looking forward to them.
GG, love to see more builds!
Her beauty did not fade
her humanity did not survive.
Those are cool, i expect to see the jungroan ring in some of those build since it's quite unique
Fine, fine, I'll write up a guide yet again :D
[3.20] 💀The Grim Reaper💀 - Hexblast Poison Mines Assassin

[3.20] ❄️⚡CantripN's Hadoken! - Lightning Conduit / Crackling Lance / Arc Permafreeze⚡❄️
Well... you can look for some meme builds from 3.13 but they nerfed to the ground. Why are you asking some fun builds if FUN is restricted?

I can propose only strange thing that you try to push this league:
You can try to search vaal cleave build with minotaur showcase... ShiShiShi)0)0
please someone sumbit a support build.
skills Needs Rework:
LINK GEMS: problem: the links are impossible to re-establish

please make zombie cheerleaders as mtx
Can you guys add a mute button for charges dropping? The game is unplayable with sounds if you have Ralakesh Impatience boots.

I mentionned it to the support and they said they would forward it to the appropriate people. What's taking so long?? Add a mute button so i can play the game with sounds PLEASE.

"Submit your build for build of the week season 11 next nerf manifesto"

You really do not understand there are literally fewer and fewer builds to play due to vision and keep it fresh.

Necromancer was somehow casual, packing defensive and offensive - nerfed to the oblivion...I fail to see any necromancer builds in build of the week...Unless you showcase spiders that require a tedious way to get killed in a boss fight.

Due to changes golem builds are harder to start also.

SCION - Has literally 1 or 2 builds that work really well, the rest of the is copy pasted stuff that the ascendancy that made the build does it better, and the build is still targeted for obsolition.

Seismic Trapper was powerful enough to let people with few hours of playing literally reach end game and probably enjoy what the game has to offer on the harder side. NVM nerf it. Still works but there is no question why the gear for it is cheaper...

Harvest was giving players an edge to fight the never-ending nerf players buff mobs and content to oblivion until it feels tedious to play the game...Got nerfed to literally in-existence ..

Anything that remotely is fun or gives players an edge ends up in the gutter...

Keep it up, before D4 launches we will have 10 builds left to play much like d2, so we can shift to d4 without remorse :)

Never invite Vorana, Last To Fall at a beer party.
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