Some feedback for Voidborn set and other new MTX

So, just wanted to say overall, I love the new packs. Feels super good using whirling blades while floating around, sort of feels like executing a dodge roll in a shooter or something. Very enjoyable. I do feel, however, that the effect from the Wormhole attachment is too subtle for whirling blades. For flame dash, you get this super cool warp effect with the big, noticeable wormhole, but WB you just kinda flicker for a few frames and you barely see it. I feel this could be improved.

Also, I feel like with all the new interesting secondary effects on weapons (like the bloody dagger over rare monsters), it would be good if when we buy those MTX, we get both the weapon effect as well as a secondary effect that could go in the slot that currently only extra gore uses that would allow us to get JUST the secondary interaction part (ie. we get the bloody dagger effect, but not the weapon effect). This would let us use those cool secondary effects with weapon effects we may like more, or that fit our "outfits" better. Would be a nice extra level of customization, and I think would encourage people to buy some more of those effects with interactions like that.

Last bumped on Jan 13, 2023, 6:53:56 AM
Can we please get separate tiers for the new microtransactions that enable us to remove the additional effects? For example, I would like to remove the rocky aura of Poltergeist Shield, while still using this sick shield skin.

Similarly, I would like the Pyromaniac Weapon Effect to also have a tier with only the visuals applied, not with the voice lines.

Surely it wouldn't be as much of a hassle to implement, yet it would improve the MTX QoL a lot.

By the way, such a feature would definitely make a positive impact on my decision on whether or not to buy the MTX.
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