Hexblast MTX when ?

Please Santa,
Many chaos skills got sunprism MTX recently and they all look great.
Hexblast still has no MTX so can we have one for Christmas ?
Last bumped on Nov 20, 2023, 8:40:34 PM
I also need it, pls mr santa i was a good boy this year :(
a new mtx for hexblast would be really awesome. just imagine a blast of space dust or something akin to a quazar explosion.
I don't know if it applies all status effects at the same time on crit or only the one with the least enemy resistance. If the latter is right, it could have different colour hews depending on which status effect was applied or completely different space explosions like quazar for lighting, supernova for fire and maybe a collapse into a black hole for ice.
I could also imagine like a demonic and angelic like effect. Like an effect like the weapon effect for orion supporter pack.
An effect that is akin to the blood knight weapon effect would also look incredible on hexblast with those red metalic shards exploding from the center...
a lot could be made there :)
Well we got one....just need a celestial hexblast and we're golden!

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