3.20.0 Hotfix 4

3.20.0 Hotfix 4
  • There's now a Relic Locker in the Sanctum subarea where you pick what room to do next.
  • Disabled the Sustenance Divination Card, which was not intended to drop.
  • Clarified some wording on the character selection screen, so that it's clear that the league filter is used to filter your existing characters rather than select what league you are making a character in.
  • Fixed the name of the Volcanic Fissure enchantment.
  • Fixed the ordering of mods on Annihilation's Approach.
  • Fixed some incorrect voice acting.

You will need to restart your game client for the clientsides change to take effect, or enter a new area for the serverside ones to.
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Last bumped on Dec 12, 2022, 12:11:44 PM

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