Yesterday, we released our final 3.20 balance manifesto that covered topics related to Curses. Today's post answers some of your questions about this manifesto.

Are you changing Bane?

Will you make Vixen's Entrapment work with Bane?

Will Delve keep its depth-scaling curse effect reduction?

Will the ''Less Curse Effect on Players'' modifier be removed from Temporal Chains?

Can you change Hexblast so that the Hex it removes isn't random?

Do these changes now encourage weapon-swapping builds?

Can you give us more of an idea of how Vulnerability has changed?

How will these changes affect Doedre's Skin?

Does the change ''item mods that inflict a specific Hex no longer doing so with increased effect'' apply to corrupted glove modifiers?

Will Hexes from items with a ''Curse on Hit'' modifier be affected by the new Hex related Cluster Jewel notables?

You didn't mention Curse on Hit rings, Corrupted Implicits or CWDT linked with Curses. Have any of those things been changed?

Does the removal of boss penalties benefit Mark skills?

How common is the Anathema ring?

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nice :)
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Nice to see GGG communicating their decisions more clearly.
Trust your mind and strengthen your abilities!
yawn docLeave
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rip bane
My brothers [Removed by Support] please fix Oblivion Fire Trap not displaying elemental proliferation effects. Also add Sunprism CA (or Caustic Ground), thanks. attempt 20something btw

most sane poe player btw
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what about crafting?
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