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I invite you to join the 🏹 Magic Find Academy Discord Server.

The MF Academy is a friendly community, covering every aspect of Path of Exile and aiming to empower players by sharing valuable resources:

💎 Farming Strategy Guide in-depth Google Spreadsheet, to learn how to make currency
💎 Magic Find Build Guide, with 3 budgets and handy trade links.
💎 Standard-Economy Loot Filter, developed for Mapping, perfected for Magic Find
💎 Profit Calculator, to min-max your gains.
💎 YouTube Video Guides selection of our favourite Content Creators
💎 Software Tools to bring your farming experience to the next level
💎 Party Play channels to have fun with other Discord members
💎 Mirror Service with cheap fees, giving more buying power to players
💎 More useful content from our community!...

The MF Academy was founded in May 2020 and has grown considerably since then. Click the banner above to join the Discord Server!

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