Delve event character not showing up in the event ladder


Is it a bug that my Endless Delve SSF (NRE005)-character doesn't show up in the event ladder? Or do I need to change any account (or other) setting to make my character visible in the ladder?

I play on the xbox. Delvinia is currently a level 40 Deadeye, yet she doesn't show up in the event ladder that I found on this website ( In case it's relevant, my Mayhem character isn't on the Mayhem ladder either.

Last bumped on Nov 17, 2022, 8:02:25 AM
The one you linked to is the PC ladder. You can find the Xbox ladder here.
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Followup question: are the event prices run across all platforms together or are there separate prizes for draw for all lvl 60, etc, per platform?
Hello Gnillot2480,

As the post suggests, These prizes are shared with the other Endless Delve events across all platforms.

I hope this information helps. :)

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