Today we've added some new avatars featuring various NPCs and Bosses you would have encountered while traveling through Wraeclast. Check them out below!

To change your forum avatar, go to your User Profile located in the top left corner by clicking your username, then click "Change avatar" in the panel on the right.
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Grinding Gear Games

Edit: can’t seem to see the new avatars yet 🤔
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Mobile breakpoint styling for forum next?
This is so strange, I was going to make a post in the feedback section about forum avatars today, but never did. I was going to suggest currency and map icons, but still, very strange.
I don't believe they are available to use yet. Can't find them anywhere in the avatars.
make a lizard boss so that we get a lizard avatar for no reason in particular
What is that thing on the second from the end?
LoLipop2 wrote:
What is that thing on the second from the end?

I believe that is Omniphobia
Chrissu Wilson, it's time for the ingame PvP trading card game!!! you are nailing the avatars!! now the board!

Hopefully for PoE 2 <3
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