This weekend we are running a Stash Tab Sale! You can view the full selection of discounted tabs here. The Stash Tab sale ends at Oct 31, 2022 8:00 PM (EDT) (this is displayed in your local time).

If you're missing points for the sale, be sure to check out the new Lake of Kalandra Supporter Packs here!

Thanks for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
Perfect, wanted to buy a few more quads
Good for newbie
no TY! Still waiting loot change...
Provide Demis for the top 5 in each ascendancy in all variations of the events, and throw AN into the wastebasket where it belongs.

Then maybe I'll buy something ;)
good :)
Need some loot for some lootboxes - lets call them goblinstashes!
cant wait for next stash sale
I also can't wait for next sale.

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