Earlier this week, we announced the winners of our Design A T-Shirt competition! Today, we'd like to announce the runners-up of the competition as we had so many great entries! Check them out!

Exiles by element274

Legion by Amigo_Grapadura

Kitava Shirt by azrai94

Cool gear by beeman102

I'm with Carry/Aurabot by deathfavour

Searing Exarch by Earthan

Rolled by gaijinlag

Modern Cloak of Defiance by godlike0211

Synthesis by jaka1988

Kaom Comic Panel by Jarrun82

Warlord by ƙloƙɱacɧine

Karui Shores by Kougno

Necromancer by rapoza001

Zana by ToruJi_Mangaka

Elder by Vansparrow

Kalandra by VirtualLich

Once again, we want to thank everyone who submitted their design. Runners-up can pick a Helmet Effect in the list below as their prize. We'll be contacting them over the next few days to arrange their prizes.

List of Helmet Effects
  • Abyss Eyes
  • Antlers
  • Apocalypse Helmet Attachment
  • Aquila Crest Helmet Attachment
  • Arcane Flaming Head Helmet Attachment
  • Arcane Halo
  • Arcane Mark of the Phoenix
  • Arcane Visage
  • Arctic Crown
  • Arctic Skull
  • Assassin Halo Helmet Attachment
  • Assassin Seer Helmet Attachment
  • Aureate Halo
  • Automaton Halo
  • Bent Horns
  • Black Headband
  • Black Pirate Bandana
  • Bleached Skull Helmet
  • Blood Guard Helmet Attachment
  • Brilliant Crown
  • Brilliant Feathers
  • Chaos Orb Helmet
  • Coliseum Helmet Attachment
  • Corrupted Skull
  • Cow Skull
  • Curved Horns
  • Darkprism Helmet Attachment
  • Demon King Horns
  • Despair Helmet Attachment
  • Divine Ice Crown
  • Divine Sign
  • Divine Skull
  • Dragon Mask
  • Eye Patch
  • Faith Guard Helmet Attachment
  • Fiery Eyes
  • Fiery Visage
  • Flaming Head Helmet Attachment
  • Frost Viking Alternate Helmet
  • Frost Viking Helmet Attachment
  • Ghostflame Flaming Head Helmet Attachment
  • Ghostflame Skull
  • Glowing Red Eyes
  • Gore Skull
  • Gorgon Snakes Helmet Attachment
  • Guardian Mask
  • Harmonious Helmet Attachment
  • Harmonious Hood
  • Holy Eyes
  • Ice Crown
  • Ice Horns
  • Incursion Hood
  • Infernal Skull
  • Innocence Laurel Helmet Attachment
  • Iron Brand
  • Iron Maiden
  • Lightning Eyes
  • Lightning Skull
  • Mark of the Phoenix
  • Medusa Snakes
  • Misery Flaming Head Helmet Attachment
  • Misery Helmet Attachment
  • Nightfall Helmet Attachment
  • Oriath Helmet Attachment
  • Plague Doctor Helmet
  • Purple Divine Sign
  • Purple Eyes
  • Purple Flaming Head Helmet Attachment
  • Purple Skull Helmet
  • Purple Smoking Hood
  • Rapture Helmet Attachment
  • Red Headband
  • Red Pirate Bandana
  • Rose Skull
  • Serrated Mohawk
  • Sin and Innocence Helmet Attachment
  • Sin Talon Helmet Attachment
  • Skull Hood
  • Smoking Hood
  • Spirit Charm
  • Steam-powered Skull
  • Suffering Helmet Attachment
  • Sunrise Helmet Attachment
  • Swan Crest Helmet Attachment
  • Thorned Skull
  • Twilight Helmet Attachment
  • Twisted Bone Horns
  • Twisted Horns
  • Undead Outcast Helmet
  • Vaal Orb Helmet
  • Wasteland Horns
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Grinding Gear Games
Dang Yo
I like these better than the winners TBH
Always interesting to see arbitrary opinions.
Elochai7 wrote:
I like these better than the winners TBH

I feel the same ^_^
A Lich lives in Virtual hills...
Uhhh, sorry to say, but half of these are MUCH better than the winners, just sayin GGG...I mean, for real....
Kougno's was the best of all I've seen.
"Gratitude is wine for the soul. Go on. Get drunk." Rumi
US Mountain Time Zone
Modern Cloak of Defiance, still the best one.
heh, spoke too soon on cloak it seems like ♥ and other faves showcased here on the side too, nice. Would defs wear Azrai's Kitava~

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