Bend light as you zip across Wraeclast with these new Illusionist Skill Effects for Whirling Blades, Cobra Lash and Venom Gyre! All of these cosmetic Skill Effects feature bright blue with a hint of contrasting orange, perfect for those who enjoy the Illusionist light show! Check out the videos below, or get yours here!

Check out the Illusionist Whirling Blades Effect in the screenshot below, along with the Illusionist Armour Set, Illusionist Weapon Effect and Illusionist Character Effect!

Thank you for your support!
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Mother of god... imagine being Kobe right now!!! We did it!
The sound FX when using Whirling Blades if you have cought VG blades is super nice imo
Mathils actual cat
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My mtx points have been snowballing…
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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3.21 Waiting Room (No more?) - Why does Ruthless have exclusive league challenge rewards???
kobe's dream ;)
Wow, these look real nice. Good job!
personally i think the whirling blades got way too much effecet on it for my taste, it almost becomes a bit cartoonish to me, but i do really like the others
If this was posted at the start of the league I would have bought venom gyre instantly.
I am the world's best path of exile player, I strong I kill all monster with amazing power
Aarg! Too late!
...and to make things worse, it's my favotite theme. :/
I can appreciate the more understated MTX additions to the game. And for the skills that have nothing already.

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