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Hello and welcome!

Here I show some of my hideouts that I like and I hope you do too!

*Updated* The Moon Descends - Top 3 Natural Trial of the Ancestors Winner

= = H I D E O U T S = =

The Moon Descends | Nocturnal Hideout | Video & Download

The Autonomous Furnace | Brutal Hideout | Video & Download

Mephidross | Enlightened Hideout | Video & Download

InOrganic | Cartographer's Hideout | Video & Download

Clockwork Hive | Sanguine Hideout | Video & Download

Quicksilver Sea | Alpine Hideout | Video & Download

Broodstar | Celestial Hideout | Video & Download

Hexagon-Plains Den | Desert Hideout | Video & Download

Flowers of the Dross | Excavated Hideout | Video & Download

The Copper Tangle | Primeval Hideout | Video & Download

Other Hideouts

Medical Pavilion | Stately Hideout | Video & Download

Fertility Temple | Battle-scarred Hideout | Video & Download

(Mecha vs Kaiju) x (Fire vs Ice) | Robber's Trench Hideout | Video & Download

Madness in Wonderland | Divided Hideout | Video & Download

Welcome to Rapture | Skeletal Hideout | Video & Download

Castle New Palestone | Overgrown Hideout | Video & Download

Too Much Rain | Unearthed Hideout | Video & Download

= = G U I D A N C E = =
If you want to read some tips and tricks on how I do hideouts you can do that here:
Just open the spoiler under section "3. Guidance".

= = O R I G I N = =
Where and why it all started:

For anyone that wants to start but is overwhelmed and discouraged by the works of others look at this:
Lair of the Great Mecha-Spider

This was my first real hideout that I submitted to the Themed Hideout Competition by GGG in 2015.
You can see that I always had the desire for creative mechanical creatures but lacked the skill to really pull it off. That hideout is bad, it is really bad on several layers now I can see that but at the time it was the best I could do. What kept me from completely losing interest were 2 people that actually praised some of the spider designs I used as innovative and unique!

Still I was discouraged when compared to the titans of old that created such amazing works as the popular masterwork ALIEN On LV-426 by LeShor that later heavily influenced some of my works.
As I'm a greedy person, it took 4 years until the next Hideout Competition from GGG in 2019 motivated me to continue.
It was the chance to win prizes that got me going because I'm completely F2P and wanted to finance some stash tabs finally.
Biomancer's Growth Chamber

This one was already much better but is still lacking. The worst problem was choosing to decorate the giant hideout completely and I reached the object limit too soon and had to make compromises in quality.
I used this hideout for quite a while and many visitors complimented it which encouraged me to keep working on hideouts even more.

It was at this time that I started to work more on hideouts purely because I wanted to improve. What also helped was GGG adding new hideout decoration almost every league that got me hyped.
Somewhere in 2020 they added the water ground effects and I immediatly got the idea of a deep sea hideout under the ocean with some light falling down, shipwrecks and sea creatures abound.
Deep Sea
I think it was because the hideout was using new and unique features like the water and certain light interactions (that since then have been removed or changed) in combination with a easily identifiable theme of being underwater, all this meant the hideout exploded in popularity compared to any other work I did previously. People were praising it on hideoutshowcase and some joker even called me a god on reddit.

I was even contacted by Iron Hideout #1 to enter but I didn't want to enter a hideout not specifically done for that competition it seemed not right but I was made aware of it and decied to join the next one.
Iron Hideout #2 rolls out and I lost myself in pseudo philosophy-artsy-fartsy garbage.
Even at the time I called it that and was very disappointed with my work.
Escape Reality

I put more work into the idea and completely glossed over the actual visuals.
And yet I won something. Brittleknee received a prize she could personally award to which entry she liked the most. Mine was by far not the best, not even top 5 but the 'artsy-fartsy' idea captured her interest.
That was it. I got an owl. Of course I still have it and look at it fondly as a reminder of my humble beginnings. funnily it's a mechanized owl perfectly fitting for many of my hideout creations.

Now that I have actually tasted real winning I could not get enough of it. Of course it was more of a consolation prize but it really fanned the flames of my desire to get better.
I continued to post entries for each following Iron Hideout Competition but I grew quite sour as the community voting system could be easily rigged or swayed by big fan-bases and in my opinion not the best hideout won many of those early competitions. It always lead to me ranting to the poor manager of the competitions like a salty loser that I was.
I kept at it because I was more in it for the fun and showing off my growing skills instead of the prizes.
Luckily the voting system changed to a jury of judges and who would have guessed it I actually started to win some!

We have now come to today. The combined experience of 7 years and over 15 different hideout competitions make me the decent hideout builder that I am today.

In short: I did not start out as a good hideout creator, I was poop, but kept at it until I was better.
And still today I learn new techniques and tricks, it is as they say - you never stop learning.

I hope you enjoy my works and if you have questions or problems don't hesitate to contact me!
If you want I can also look at your own hideout to give blunt critique and offer advice for improvements or you can just leave a message what you think of mine!
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The Autonomous Furnace | Brutal Hideout | Video & Download

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