For our Lake of Kalandra expansion, we released the Knight and Rogue series of supporter packs that feature microtransactions with unique features. If you're interested in the process that goes through designing these, be sure to check out today's news post!

Rogue Stalker Armour Set

Warlord's Lieutenant Portal

Beast of Burden Pet

Bloodscouring Cloak

Hoarder's Stash

Knightmaster Armour Set

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Grinding Gear Games
How do you have time for this when the game is broken? Fix the loot. The hell with your loot goblins.
Superb art
Normally id be all over these packs but in light of you removing game loot on purpose and then shoehorning this out. That is a giant slap in the face to the people who support you. My tags prove I've bought in the past.
Fix game first we want to see updates not artwork. Test all you need to fix now. let us test it. so 3.20 is not broken as this leauge...

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