We're constantly astounded by the creativity and talent of our community, and today we'd like to share some of their amazing Kalandra themed creations with you. Check them out!

Kalandra by WidoXx

Reflection by Conqista

Kalandra by lehmannthiago

Lake of Kalandra by lolozori

Bird lady late night doodle by @envatilea via Twitter

Kalandra Themed Cosplays by Mathil1, SuitSizeSmall, and DinoRuinoTV via Twitch

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Grinding Gear Games
rue is a cat
When fixes to league?
When will you fix the harvest, lake of kalandra and drops?
Fix your game plz [Removed by Support]
Last edited by Patrick_GGG on Aug 29, 2022, 6:43:58 PM
Fix your game plz [Removed by Support]

Can't you just enjoy the damn artwork?
Plz remove Harvest.
Nice, When Harvest, and loot fixed?
Such a talented community
Ah swell, we're already at this point of the league and its lull?

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