Improvements to Item Drops

We will deploy a patch soon that significantly improves item drops throughout Path of Exile. This post broadly describes the major changes. Detailed patch notes will be posted later.

We have massively increased the rarity bonus for items dropped by monsters with multiple Archnemesis mods. This is proportional to difficulty, so there's a moderate improvement for two mods, a large improvement for three mods and a huge improvement for four mods.

We have massively increased the rarity of items dropped by Map Bosses. They now act like late Act Bosses, dropping fewer normal and magic items but many more rare and unique items.

We have globally increased the drop rate of unique items by 33%. In addition, with the massive item rarity bonuses added to map bosses and multiple-mod rare monsters, they will drop many more uniques than before.

We have globally increased the base drop rate of currency items by 25%. Because we removed some drops from past league content, we are giving rare/unique items back from rare and unique monsters, but are giving currency back from all content in the game.

We have reduced the cost of many Harvest crafts, with many becoming twice as cheap. We relied too much on players having specialised in Harvest when we were costing these. It's now balanced around less Harvest investment. We have also reduced the life of all Harvest monsters. These changes will be deployed tomorrow rather than today.

We have significantly improved the amount of rewards from the Lake of Kalandra. Improvements to the rewards from league reflections at the Lake will be deployed tomorrow.

We are aiming to deploy most of these changes today and will post the full patch notes as soon as we can in a separate post. These contain more buffs that aren't large enough to list here.

We're still looking into other areas, including the effectiveness of Tainted Currency Items.
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3:40PMish in Auckland. Don't make anyone work too late on this code ship!
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We back boys
pog? no, just sadge. :(
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Or you know.. revert the 3.19 changes loot wise.

But sure.
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Would love to see some Harvest crafts brought back, though. Waiting out for the patch notes.

Edit: After logging onto the newest patch and testing out the drops in juiced / non-juiced T16 content, it still feels pretty terrible. I'm so sad. This game needs to revert those changes and do a better job at asking the community for feedback before implementing them.
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CuteDog_ saved the league!
thank you cutedog

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