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Yo, first of all, it is NOT a cheap build but also not extremely high budget build, crafting is really easy, I will include steps of crafting items in guide.
There will be 2 versions - 1 with minimal budget and 1 much more expensive, also I will try to do list with best upgrades to make transition from cheap to high-end version smooth.

Pros & Cons

Huge DPS
Easy crafting
Easy to progress (literally more str = better)
Can do all content
Great clear
Needs a lot of int
High entry cost
Expensive upgrades
You need to do button ritual before boss
May have problems with mana if not build properly

Entry Cost

Entry cost really depends on replica alberon's price

At the moment of writing this guide it's 25ex
I would say that for the minimal version you need at least replica alberon's + 10-15ex

Gear & crafting


Low budget

For turbo low budget all you need on helmet is
Gain Accuracy Rating equal to your Strength
and ofc some life/res

Way better helmet for low/medium budget is elevated
Gain Accuracy Rating equal to your Strength
that also gives you
1% increased Critical Strike Chance per 10 Strength
And it's really easy to craft.

So let's get to crafting you have 2 ways to craft this helmet either buy base with 2 influence mods and maven's orb (orb of dominance) slam it for 50/50 chance to elevate good mod or craft your own base and also slam it.
If you want to buy base with 2 influence mods here's a trade link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Sentinel/XadY4mdtP
For crafting you want to buy ilvl at least 75 Royal burgonet with warlord influence here's link:
Then spam it with serrated fossil until you hit acc equal to strenth and any other influenced mod
Then you orb of dominance slam it and pray that you elevate acc equal to strength mod, if you didn't buy new base and start again.
Buying base and crafting it with fossils is usually way cheaper and better because you already get a royal burgonet.

High budget

First of all you need to buy a base similiar to low budget base but with higher ilvl and battlemage's cry buff effect enchant on it
Do the exactly same steps as in low budget version (so spam serrated fossils till acc equal to str + another influ mod and orb of dominance it)

After you elevated acc mod buy another helmet this time with hunter influence
So you again you either buy a base with 2 infu mods already and slam it with orb of dominance to elevate
Nearby enemies have -9% to chaos resistance

Remember to make sure it has only HUNTER influence and only 2 influ mods on it

Or buy any other helmet with hunter influence and spam abberant fossil on it until you hit
Nearby enemies have -9% to chaos resistance
+ any other influence mod, slam it with orb of dominance and pray to elevate -% chaos res mod

After you have 2 bases ready you want to awakaner's orb them together so
right click awakener's orb then FIRST CLICK HUNTER BASE AND THEN WARLORD BASE

After that your helmet should look somewhat like this

Now i had armour mod and open prefix so i just crafted life and called it a day, but if you have really shitty prefixes and open prefix you just do suffixes cannot be changed and harvest reforge life, if you don't have open prefix go for harvest keep suffixes, if you really want to fill suffixes go for beast add mod to influenced item.

Body Armour

The Iron Fortress is mandatory, and the only good option, a lot of strength, armour, chance to block, and inc melee phys per 10 str, only con of this body is -10% ms

Another mandatory unique is Replica frostbreath, it adds flat chaos, has low base as, chaos res, and most important your chaos dmg can chill and deal double damage to chilled enemies

And another mandatory BIS unique Redblade Banner and again life, block, armour, and most important warcries have infinte power, so every time you click your warcry it has full power


Always annoint Heart of Darkness
Low budget

Just go with astramentis remember to get good roll and attribute quality it

High Budget

Buy a synth base with % str in implicit
Attribute quality it to 18%
Spam Deafening Essence of Rage till u hit either crit multi T1/T2 or all attributes T1/T2, if you have full prefixes annul and pray u don't hit crit/attributes.
After that if u have full sufixes u can either craft non-channel -mana cost and call it a day or if u have full suffix annul (Don't annul suffix if u hit any T4-T3+ Attributes other than all or T1-T2 res) if not go for
Suffixes cannot be changed annul 2 prefixes, craft multimod craft non-channel -manacost & either life or Inc AOE and Area damage

My looks like this:

It can be way better i just hit T2 crit multi and open prefix and didn't want to go for more

Other Amulets that are good are:
rare amulet with
%str and %atr in affixes like this:
https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Sentinel/PPlm98DiL (Will do crafting tutorial someday)

Eyes of the Greatwolf with atleast 30% inc attributes and good 2nd implicit
With this u can't really deal with mana problems


Low Budget

Go for either Iolite, or resists base, Stats that u want are always 60+ str and open prefix, then high int, dex, all attri mana regen, and if you don't have despair on hit on gloves go for it on 1 ring. If u want to craft it yourself u can spam rage essences

High Budget

You want rings with 7% inc strength in implicit and then same thing as in low budget, if u don't have mageblood u need str, int and resistances also if you don't have despair on hit on gloves you need to somehow also fit it in there.
That's probably the hardest thing to craft yourself i would strongly suggest buying already crafted ones if u don't have mageblood

That's my pair of rings, keep in mind I'm using mageblood to cap resists

Replica Alberon's Warpath only choice, without em build doesn't work:


There are basically 2 options for boots:
Meginord's Vise with despair on hit implicit:

They are good if you have capped res in gear

And rare gloves with %dmg per 100 str and gain 1 rage on hit with attack implicits, on rest mods you want: always strength and then a lot of res, life, attack speed
Main thing about having rare gloves is the option to have these 2 eldritch implicits and easier way of capping res if you don't have mageblood.

Both of these gloves should be close to same price


Low budget

Go for Synth implicit with 18% inc str then T1 str, and rest as always lots of res and life
If you want to craft it yourself buy base like this:
And spam rage essences till good mods

High Budget

Mageblood, it kinda lowers your strength but makes gearing way easier, also helps with capping crit chance and ofc QoL


2x Split personality +5 str, +5 life

At least 2x Brawn if you don't have int problems go for 3 instead of rare jewels (if you have enlighten lvl3 and mana regen on ring or reduced mana cost on flasks or mana flask don't get mana reservation corruption)

Efficient Training (You don't need cb immunity here just get it on rare jewel)

Inertia (again if you have enlighten lvl3 and mana regen on ring or reduced mana cost on flask or mana flask don't get mana reservation corruption)

Watcher's eye, go for as, crit multi precision, life gain on hit vitality, chaos res, unnafected by # purity of elements, basically if u can get as/crit multi precision mod and then any mod that will work with build

Lethal pride either %strength or +20 str etc.


I would suggest going for 2x large cluster jewels

First one - 8 passives Drive the Destruction, Overlord and random suffix notable

Second - 8 passives Drive the Destruction, Martial Prowess, Feed the Fury

My Gear
My gear with ~50ex invested + mageblood

Gems & Links

I will not divide this section to 2 budgets if u have a lot of currency just upgrade every skill to either awakened, 21/23, or unusual quality.
Ofc if you want to upgrade later start with main cyclone links and battlemage cry.

6 Link - Cyclone - Void Manipulation - Pulverise - Shockwave - Increased critical strikes - Increased critical damage

4 Link - Enlighten lv3 - Summon skitterbots - Determination - Precision 20 or 21

4 Link - Mark on hit - Assassin's mark - Battlemage's cry - Lifetap lv1

4 Link - Ancestral Protector - Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Multiple Totems - Blood & Sand

3 Link - Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Lifetap lv1

2 Link - Cast When Damage Taken lv2 - Molten Shell lv 11

1 Link - Blood Rage


In mapping build is kinda smooth in a way that you just leap slam to pack and it either dies or u channel cyclone for 0.1s and it dies

For bossing you need to do a small ritual -
1. Switch to Blood Stance
2. Activate Blood Rage
3. Cast Ancestral Protector and Vaal Ancestral Warchief
4. If you have activate Bottled Faith
5. Cast Battlemage's cry
6. Spin on boss

Ofc you don't need to do any of that to map bosses they will just die if u spin for a second

PoB & Leveling

lvl 95 PoB: https://pastebin.com/h2JdHmvP
Don't look at DPS numbers, believe me it's a lot more than that.

You may start playing this build as soon as you can equip replica alberon's
But i would highly suggest leveling with Hollow Palm to 70 and then buy a 5way carry to get at least lvl 90


That's it, thanks for checking out my build guide, just wanted to say that it's my first one so don't be too harsh.
But if you have anything to add or improve please let me know. Cya.
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If you can do some videos with uber fights will be great:)

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