[3.18] Explosive Arrow ballista variant, tanky and nice dps, brass dome, siege bal supp


PROS (compared to initial EA ballista):
- cheaper on budget - don't need any enlightens and empower supports, watcher's eye not needed
- tanky, all round mitigation
- high overall ailment defence that doesn't degrade flask durations!

- slower movement (but still ok, can have lt warp with full support, now around 0.25s cast time)

This is my variant of EA ballista. Defence is based on pure all round damage mitigation and very fast life recovery. No spell suppression, no evasion. No allocation of reservation/aura passives. Using less auras.

Stats currently:
Sirus DPS: ~19.5mln (mind that on totem dot, boss combat is much easier, so this number feels much higher), managed now to stack total attack speed such that with 6 totems it is possible to stick 20 arrows before explosion
chance to hit non-evasive: 99%, evasive: 90%
Boss dps: 24.3mln
Normal dps: 33.5mln
Armour: 68.6k (63.99k without molten shell buff)
Life: 5.19k + 2.6k elemental aegis + molten shell
Elemental reses: 83% + 52%, 85% + 56% (cold), 83% + 90%
- extra 20% less fire dmg and lightning damage taken - flasks
- 6% reduced cold damage taken
- 5% reduced lightning damage taken
chaos res: 60%
movement speed: 63%
NO EXTRA DAMAGE FROM CRITS taken - extremely important
Mana - self sufficient, no flask

Level100, overall gear total value estimate 125-155ex (bow ~40ex, most expensive single item)

The build has pretty fast life recovery, which consists of:
1) Boosted flask
2) Life gain on hit from frenzy with life gain hit support. Because you stack attack speed on this build, the ratio is massive

Whats the core mechanics - 1 main and 2 support skills
1) Explosive arrow - ballista totem support - anomalous(less mana cost of skill) GMP - AWK Burning damage - AWK deadly ailments - AWK swift affliction
2) siege ballista (anomalous +2 proj) - divergent culling strike (2% life recovery on cull probably for totem) - anomalous greater volley support - combustion support
3) frenzy - anomalous GMP - chain support - AWK hextouch - flammability - life gain on hit support

Max totem count together: 6 EA ballista, 1 siege ballista

Pantheon: Brine King, Ryslatha
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This looks like my scuffed week 1 ballista build.

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