[3.18] Discharge Cast on Death Assassin

[work in progress]

Are you fed up with dying to boss? Well, this build won't solve this but at least you'll take the boss down with you.

This is the (un)famous Cast on Death Discharge build. I made one in SSC and wanted to push it as far as I could for the meme.

Pro's and con's
+ one shot bosses/invitations with no phases
+ impress your friends
+ nice icebreaker with other players
+ people will ask you wtf you're playing

- not hardcore viable
- no deathless runs
- weak against boss with phases
- expensive to min-max
- can only clear 6 packs per maps
- can't level as this build

How does that work?
This build revolves mainly around two mechanics:
Cast on Death, which casts supported spells when you die
Discharge, which on cast consumme all charges for additional damage/effects

The concept is to stack as many damage multipliers as possible (extra charges, damage per charge, crit multi, damage penetration,...).

The gameplay revolves around using several Doedre's Elixir for charges generation. You then proceed to die to trigger the Discharge with all your charges, buffs and damage bonus from Cast on Death (336% more damage while dead!) You can die by using the charge or by getting killed by the boss.


Many players are using the curses cast on death in their gloves. This means they'll be cast AFTER discharge due to the order of triggered skills.

This means the curses will only affect your second portal explosion.

Having +2+2 gloves with the curses means only 0.7-1.2% damage increase compared to curses in helmet with +1aoe. I don't think this is worth the trouble as you'll lose a lot of damage (33%) on the first explosion. (and you'd need to have perfect 7% 7% 2x +1+2 gems... good luck)

Gear detailed

The Annihilating light (enchant and quality is only for min-max) Trade Link

budget: +1 power charge unique helmet Trade Link
endgame: +1 power charge and nearby enemies take 6/9% increased elemental damage Trade Link
BIS: +2 power charge helmet Trade Link

Enchant: discharge has +5 radius (optional)

Body armour
budget: 4 blue, 1 red, 1 green skin of the loyal Trade Link
endgame: skin of the loyal +1 or +1+2aoe or skin of the lords* or Dialla's malefaction +1+2 (BIS)

* for skin of the lords, make sure the keystone doesn't affect the build.

Surbebinders with 7% inc ele per frenzy and 7% inc spell per power Trade Link

Corruption is unneeded and perfect roll 2x 7% is more important.

Inya's epiphany with +1 endurance charge corruption Trade Link
Legacy of Fury with +1 endurance charge corruption (you want as much as possible effects of scorch)Trade Link

Budget alternative: Legacy of fury without corruption.

Enchant: elemental penetration

Badge of the Brotherhood with +1 endurance charge annointment

Nice corrupt to get are Zealotry effect or hatred effect (optional).

+1 power charge rings either synthetised (expensive), sentinels (average) or unique synthesis (budget).

You'd like to get some chaos res on them as you want to get to ~51% chaos res.

Darkness enthroned with two abyss jewel % crit multi + 2x dmg pen corrupt
OR Hyperboreus with good rolls AND corruption (without zealotry corruption, darkness is better).

As many Doedre's Elixir as you can afford to use. I recommend at least 3 power, 3 frenzy and 2 endurance per flask (you're capped at 6 endurance anyway)

You can use starlight chalice, bottled faith or atziri's promise, but they may make you harder to kill. Also if you get above 50% life before dying (due to ward, or consecrated ground), you'll lose pain attunement buff which is massive.

Forbidden Flame & Flesh

Watcher's Eye Trade Link

BIS is probably Zealotry Penetration, Hatred Penetration and Precision Crit Multi
Budget alternative: Crit penetration with Zealotry Trade Link

Large cluster Jewel (x 3 or 4)

Having dex or all attributes on these will help you if you're lacking attributes on your rings.

Crit multi jewels (x7 to 9 or more) Trade Link

Budget alternative: 3 mods jewels, way cheaper. You lose ~2% damage on boss per jewel though. Trade Link



Cast on Death + Enhance + Elemental Weakness + Frostbite
You want to put your curses along with cast on death here. Cast on death here doesn't need level. Quality for increased AOE. LV1 20% quality is fine.

These gems depend on your setup. For min-max I recommend:

You can remove unbound if you don't have enough reservation or if you don't want to use divine blessing with Zealotry.

Body armour

The most important link. If you can't afford phantasmal 21, you can use a regular 21 even if it means losing some damage. You can also use empower 3 for a more budget friendly.
Having anomalous cast on death is very important to guarantee 100% crit chance.


Arcane surge for a bit extra damage. You can use divergent for more duration. Check the levels carefuly so you have enough mana and it triggers in one use.


Divine blessing to get an extra aura. Anomalous flame golem for extra damage.

You probably don't want to level with this build... for obvious reasons.


More versions to come soon! :)
LV90 Budget version (3 clusters, darkness, legacy of fury)

LV100 Min-max version (4 clusters, hyperboreus, corruptions, megalomaniacs)
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What´s the estimated budget to be able to do Invitations like The Feared with the atlas passives? also, i´ve seen people playing this as an occultist, even as an Inquisitor, what are the pros/cons between assassin and the other ascendancies for this build?

Thanks for the guide.
MrWay wrote:
What´s the estimated budget to be able to do Invitations like The Feared with the atlas passives? also, i´ve seen people playing this as an occultist, even as an Inquisitor, what are the pros/cons between assassin and the other ascendancies for this build?

Thanks for the guide.

Main benefit of the occultist is being able to get a 3rd curse at no extra cost. However, the forbidden flame/flesh are way more expensive.

For the invitations it really depends on the mods. With a lower budget, you'll want to avoid some mods (% life as es, avoid ailments, less crit dmg, steal charges,...).

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