[3.18] Mageblood RF Inquisitor needs some help with dps

Guys, after i finally get my Mageblood from Gwenn i decided to use it in RF Inq. In general build works pretty well, im doing max juiced map, i can go in Simulacrum till 29 end so on. But now im on my road to achivments and i get some dps trouble in deep delve. i saw on poe.ninja that other players with that build have twice or even 3x my dps with very simmilar setup (one large cluster) and almost same passive tree. i know that i dont use ele overload but if i understand correctly and according to pob i wont affect rf in any way, and i want moslty to upgrade my clearing dps not single target.

Maybe some of you with bigger experience in rf builds can give me some hints?

btw my brutal restraint is +frenzy charges and +onslaught

link to my build:
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it's your gem setup

fire trap on 6l

rf in helm

look up those top delvers for the details. it should be an instant improvement for you

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