[3.18] Easy and cheap leveling of Rangers using HollowPalm+Smite+Trinity+Heralds.

Community PoB: https://pastebin.com/482pKUHX

  • This is not a league starter. It's intended for quickly leveling your secondary character(s).
  • All items are uniques, guaranteeing replication of the results.
  • You hit the maps res-capped and doing around 900k DPS. You can easily continue leveling until 80 without picking ascendency.
  • The budget depends on the time in the league, but typically well within 200c.
  • I'm a slow and lazy leveler. But since from level 14 you one-shot everything, it takes me about 5 hours to get through the campaign.


  • The build uses a combination of Dex and Herald stacking.
  • Trinity is an excellent source of damage at level 1 if you can get resonance to all elements. Steps are taken to have the cold and lightning damage to be in similar ranges. When the game rolls cold damage higher than lightning, fire and lightning parts of the trinity circle get filled. The same goes for lightning, except cold and fire get filled. This results in Trinity staying fully filled during combat and providing full benefits.
  • We take up Weathered Hunter to increase our accuracy and resistances. We also run War Banner. Precise Technique becomes our natural choice.


  • Make sure to change Smite to attack without moving; we want to hit the area.
  • Use Dash until there is enough intelligence to switch to Flame Dash.
  • After picking up Heralds you will be able to reserve mana only for 3. Leave out Herald of Ash until you can reserve it. It's important to have both Ice and Thunder, or Trinity will not work.
  • Self-cast Elemental Weakness if you feel like you need the extra damage.
  • Drop War Banner to gain Adrenaline if you feel like you need extra damage and defense.


  • The most 'expensive item' is getting the colors right on the armor.
    It took me about 500 chromes. Using Harvest might be cheaper.
  • Seven-League boots can be pricy, but one can use Wonderlust instead.
  • The Jewels drop in price dramatically after the league start.
  • Buy 20-20-20 Le Heup rings; they are good enough and cheap.
  • Astramentis' roll doesn't matter much; get the cheapest one or use cards.
  • Everything else is very cheap, including the oils for the anointments.

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I vastly understated the damage at level 70. I checked with level 20 gems, and the combined hit and area damage is almost 1m. I updated the guide.
Thank you a lot bro for sharing that, a lot of ppl from my guild is using this build so I wanted only to say Thank from our team! Gj
What weapons do you use for the build?
ZardoxSlayer wrote:
What weapons do you use for the build?

You can't use weapons or glove slot with the One With Nothing cluster jewel notable
shit be kinda cool definitely starts bing strong later than the guide leads you to believe though
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