So I tried new uber pinnacle bosses

And failed everywhere.
Note: this were blind attempts, I haven't watched any video guides before. So maybe I don't know everything.
Did 1-2 attempt. Overall if you don't have mirror+ tier build which can instakill (count as to kill in under 3 seconds) normal version don't even think about them, you have no chance.
My current build.

Path of Building

Passive Tree:

Not perfect, needs some improvements (get autocurse and +2 cold spell wand/sceptre), but overall it's enough to deal with all bosses. Did all bossess except Olroth and Oshabi because they are so stupiditly rare. Easy Sirus and Uber Elder. Maven... ugh... doable. Can do all specail Maven boss fights with medium-high mods except The Feared. Tried only once but failed. Would like to try more and got 10+ invitations anyway, but Venarius is too rare and expensive and he is the one killed me 5 times then.

Uber Shaper. 2 tries. Only managed to stage 2. Having a lot of practive against normal version won't help you to much. First most shocking change is NO DEFENCE BUBBLE. Yes, now you must survive it without Zana's help. Now it's true bullet hell. 90% of time he is assisted by two clones, and it's only stage one. I just can't get close to drop vortex without being hit.

Uber Uber Elder... Why should I even try this one if can't beat Uber Shaper alone?

Uber Sirus... ugh... they took the worst and made it worse. Hate deatimizing storms? Now one is constantly chasing you. Hate meteor maze? Now you have twice less time to leave it. Hate being offsceen oneshot by diebeam? Now it's from stage one. And he has perfect autoaim. Hate rotating beams? Now it's even more of them and space between them so you barely can move without touching them. Barely managed to get to stage two. Strangely, but it's probably my best result among all uber bosses.

Uber Maven... oh... Failed to beat even first phase. Hated antiregen beam? Now her laser attack has it too. Hated memory game together with rotating death beams? Now you also must fight bosses during this time. Enjoy. Take worst and make it worse, part two.
Not sure about Shaper and Sirus. But this one I'm sure I will never beat.

But at these fights I achieved at least something. Next two is where my failure was the most humiliating.

Searing Exarch and Eater of Worlds. I imagine evil demonic laughter at GGG's office. "You said they are weak and boring? Too easy??? NOW EAT THIS!!! ENJOY YOU INFINITE AGONY!!!AHAHAHA!!!"

They are so exceptionally brutal.
Searing exarch. His "Annihilation" which probably everyone facetanked now near unavoidable screen wide instadeath. Touched flamewall for a single frame? Instadeath. Don't have hypersonic movespeed? Die.

Eater of worlds. Absolute humiliation. I just wast instakilled 4 times in a row half second after entering arena trying to run/dash behind his back. His aiming rotation is so fast and it does until very last frame of attack so it feels near impossible to dodge. Also got instakilled by his most basic attack.

Difficulty spike here is too insane. If Shaper and Sirus is like switching from easy to very hard. I see some small chance for myself to beat them. Then these two is like switching very easy difficulty with cheats to ultra nightmare instagib mode. And both these feel much less create. Just make it deal 10x more damage 10x faster. Here I have no chance at all.

Uber Venarius... Uber WHO???

So what can I say? I'm not really against it. Extreme difficulty is fine but should be compensated with more accessability. Your previous experience just don't work. Makes me want to have some kind of practice mode where you can try as much as you want but don't get any rewards. I felt like long time ago when didn't read any guides and played with crappy builds so feared even shaper guardians. Thanks for bringing back old memories.
General approach to these figths? Spell suppression is mandatory here I think. Or 90% elemental resists. Or better both. Espessially for Exarch and Eater of Worlds. Not sure. Maybe they have 200% penetration or something like that. For Sirus you really need corrupted blood immunity (permanent, don't rely on flask). For meteor maze bazalt + granite flask + molten shell. Still works.

That's all probably. Feel free to say that i'm noob and I need to learn to play and you beaten all of them on first try deathless =)
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There's no need to call you a newb but rather just improve your fucking chars instead of writing giant essays of how it's hard.

That's the entire point of an RPG.
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Coconutdoggy wrote:
There's no need to call you a newb but rather just improve your fucking chars instead of writing giant essays of how it's hard.

That's the entire point of an RPG.

show us how its done :)
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