[3.18] ES Overleech Cyclone Trickster | 4 mill+ DPS | 8k+ ES | Tankyaf HC Viable

Hey, I havn't tested this build yet because Soul Drinker is required, but in theory it should be and do as described.

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/HpiLNvgq

So with the addition of thew new ascendancy jewel Soul Drinker which grants ES Overleech, I've been thinking about making another Cyclone Trickster (made one in delirium league with which I farmed t19 100% delirious maps) but instead of being super deadly, this time around I want it to be super tanky.

- Very Tanky thanks to the new ES Overleech jewel and multiple defensive layers
- Decent damage and fairly high clear speed
- No Mana problems because of Weave the Arcane
- HC Viable
- Easy to play, one button spin to win

- Very High investment cost (I'd say minimum buyin is 50ex and 200+ ex for minmaxing)
- Can't do Physreflect and has trouble with no leech
- Need to find a way to deal with Stun immunity but Brine King instead of Arakaali is a viable pantheon option.
- No Leaguestarter

Cyclone is free because of Weave the Arcane, so no need for mana cost rings.

Defensive layers: high ES pool, very high Evasion, fortify on hit, a lot of dot reduction with soul of arakaali and heartstopper ascendancy, CI, Wind Dancer, Dancing Arrows and well a ton of OVERLEECH!

The jewel is not yet implemented in PoB, so I used a placeholder for it and I didn't optimize the build yet, just threw in a lot of ES gear to see how it could look like. I'm also missing using influences for the most part of the gear, just 1 or 2 essentials like curse ring. The abnormally expensive Watcher's Eye is just a compensation for the lack of other optimization I've neglected for the quick design of the build. The DPS and ES may be a lot higher (especially DPS) if properly optimized and we are still missing the 20% attack speed from the ascendancy jewel.

Downside is: this build will be quite expensive if properly tuned. So expect like 50-200ex investment. And add whatever the cost of the Overleech Jewel will be worth ontop.

PoB Link at the top.

Resistances and Attributes I didn't pay much attention to during Itemisation, so the values aren't what they should/could be.

Hope you like the idea and would appreciate feedback!
Arian Synthesis of G3
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