[3.17/3.18 HC] Static Strike Iquis Build Theory Craft

Hey guys, So I put a lot of work into theory crafting a build for static strike. I played it for the Melee League and Mittens and really enjoyed it, but sadly RIP'd in early maps due to my own player mistakes and never got to reach it's full potential. I was Curious if someone with more melee knowledge than me would be willing to look it over and give me some feedback and once I've been able to play it further into the endgame in Sentinel I may want to make a guide for it.

POB w/ Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/xJ3fjFBm

The 2x Static Strike is Due to PoB not calculating Exerted attacks with intimidating cry and it doing double damage.

The damage dealt by the Melee hit is Snapshotted for the duration of the Beams so the Beams maintain the double damage.

This is also w/out alt. skill gems and awakened gems, but I will add that soon.

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Got any mapping videos? How good will it be as a league starter in ssf?

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