Ox's Shop

Hello and welcome to my Shop!!!
Here I'm listing all items i am wishing to sell.
ALL Items' prices can be negotiable!!!

Quantity, double t1 rarity, abyss socket, t1 life and alising ms+onslaught

~price 1 mir
fee: 100d
copies: 4

Triple Elevated MF chest - more crit, more rarity, quality support gem
~price 1 mir
fee: 100d
copies: 4

Essence attack speed, quantity, double t1 rarity, t1 life, crafted damage
~price 1 mir
fee: 100d
copies: 1

Double rarity abyss eldritch boots mirror service, thread/3263402

Msg me for more inquiries
IGN: Auckland

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wanna mirror chest

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