Help with Build [3.17] Ice Crash Templar

Hello all!


Character: FrozoneMcDouble

I've reached a bit of a wall when it comes to DPS / Surviveability with this Ice Crash build

I know that there are plenty of Ice Crash builds that are better than this, however I like the theme here of body parts with the Carcass Jack, Crown of Eyes and Carnage heart haha (I might be going too ham on uniques, usually a fault of mine)

Aside from those would be looking for input on how to improve this build, whether it be passive tree, equipment or otherwise! (Although open to all suggestions regardless of the meme build)

I've tried using PoB to muck around with my passive tree, although while I've been playing for awhile and have had help from friends and family that play - this has been my best character to date!

This build can comfortably run T10 maps, and most unique maps - looking to take it to end game content before the end of the season.

Thank you!
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