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[3.17 - 18] Supreme Decadence Hybrid Toxic Rain - Pathfinder

Hey, welcome.
This build is for fighting with Toxic Rain using Pathfinder.
I have made several versions of Pathfinder Toxic Rain before, but they are completely different.
The play feel is quite specific, so please understand that beforehand.

Please see here first.
POE 3.17 Toxic Rain Pathfinder - No movement Uber Elder(Additional Maven)

・Balanced durability
・High Hybrid Hit Pool
・Life Flask with excellent sustain(Recovery high enough to withstand Shaper beam)
・High Split Damage Resistance
・Lots of Aura without Enlighten Support
・Access to many End Game
・Difficult, but HC is possible(Drought Bringer mod has been added, so it may be tough)

・Dot build, so it takes time to defeat the enemy
・Almost all recovery depends on Life Flask, 0 regen, manual Dot resistance. You must constantly monitor the Life bar
・The amount of manipulation is large and difficult. And it is busy
・I am not good at fighting Drought Bringer.
・High load, ground invisible
・Not beginner friendly, not a good first build

Change Log
3.17 - Creating a Build

3.18 - Slightly changed POB
・Optimized mana cost. Eliminated [Replica Conqueror's Efficiency] from Uber gear.

3.19 - Some nerfs.The three most impactful changes are as follows.
・Extra ES mod of gravicius has been removed. The new Phy to Ele mod will be adopted instead, but the overall HIT Pool will be reduced by 1000.
・The [6% reduced Elemental Damage taken] has been removed from [Nature's Boon].
・Flask's [Gain # Charges when you are Hit by an Enemy] has been nerfed. As a result, [Master Surgeon]'s [Recover 6% of Life when you use a Flask] now has a recovery timing of 4 HITs instead of 2 HITs.
This gimmick is more of a stopper and will not be seriously affected if nerfed.
It may be tougher to be under constant attack as in the video of [No movement Uber Elder]. From now on, I will avoid attacks to some extent. lol

The following three are the core of this build

To ensure very high resilience in Pathfinder, Flask needs to be strengthened. However, it has the problem of reaching Full Life too quickly.
To solve this problem, I came up with a synergy that utilizes all three.
The effects of the core items required for synergy are as follows.

・Elegant Hubris(Cadiro) - Supreme Decadence
Life Recovery from Flasks also applies to Energy Shield

Although this keystone appears to be a useful effect, it has the following problems.
The Life Flask recovery is applied to the ES, but if it goes to Full Life, the Flask stops working.
If the amount of ES lost is more than Life, ES cannot recover to the maximum. Therefore, to take full advantage of the effect, the value of Life lost and ES must be equal.

・Replica Soul Tether - Corrupted Soul
50% of Non-Chaos Damage taken bypasses Energy Shield
Gain 15% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield

By equipping this belt, you first gain more ES. Then, Life and ES will equalize the damage received.
This ensures that Supreme Decadence always provides maximum performance.

・Petrified Blood
Your life cannot be raised above low life other than by flasks

Petrified Blood increases the Hit Pool and disables all recovery except Life Flask. This stabilizes the synergy between Supreme Decadence and Corrupted Soul.
The combination of the three increases recovery without reducing the time to reach Full Life.

3.17 Video

3.18 Video(Uber Boss)

My Gear


Unique Jewel

Cluster Jewel

Rare Jewel


Below is the final setup for the flask.
The Utility Flask lasts indefinitely once pressed.

Life Flask
A minimum of 26% of T1 is required for Preffix.
Combined with Passive Tree's 10% Reduced, Charge usage becomes 9 and can be used 5 times.
Once the setup is in place,Life Flasks will gain 9 Charges every 3 seconds.

The setup requires the following.
・Total 50% increased Flask Charges gained
・Ascendancy Node - Nature's Boon[Flasks gain 3 Charges every 3 seconds]
・Notable Node - Profane Chemistry[Life Flasks gain 1 Charge every 3 seconds]
・Flask Mastery - [Life Flasks gain 1 Charge every 3 seconds]
・Body Armour(SEARING EXARCH IMPLICITS) - [Flasks gain 1 Charges every 3 seconds]
If the Body Armour mod is [Flasks gain 2 Charges every 3 seconds], then Mastery is not needed.

Quicksilver Flask
Whenever possible, craft a higher Tier Reduced to Preffix.
If too low, it will break off in the middle.

Ruby,Topaz Flask
Gain 6 Charges when you are Hit by an Enemy] is required for Preffix.
This mod has strong synergy with Master Surgeon.
Craft [x% increased Armour during Flask effect] and [% reduced Mana Cost of Skills during Flask Effect] for Suffix.

Taste of Hate Flask
Converts Physical damage to cold. Strong.

Mana Cost
The following equipment is required to reduce mana consumption.

Prior to obtaining Aul, use the following Rare Amulet.When equipping this Amulet, one Rare Jewel can be equipped instead of [Replica Conqueror's Efficiency].

Rare Item
Rare Jewel

Rare Jewel should be equipped with Inc Life + a selection of the following mods.
・#% increased Attack Speed with Bows
・#% to Damage over Time Multiplier
・#% to Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier
・Any Resistance

Cluster Jewel

Cluster Jewel should have 8Passive [Wicked Pall][Unholy Grace][Unwaveringly Evil].
Although the DPS will be a little lower, [Wicked Pall][Unholy Grace] alone is also acceptable.


[Spiked Concoction] can be easily created with Havest's [Attack] and [Caster], so select Suffix carefully with [Peak Vigour] in place as well.

#% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Cold(or Fire,Lightning) Damage

x% reduced Mana Cost of Attacks

Prepare something that has [Life][Spell Suppress][Resistance].
If Suffix can be filled with 3 mods, you can craft [8% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage] in the Prefix.
Together with Implicit, you can secure 14% with the helmet alone.

+x% chance to Suppress Spell Damage

+x% to Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier

Prepare something with [Life][Spell Suppress][Attack Speed][Resistance].
If you can fill Suffix with 3 mods, you can craft [x% increased Damage during any Flask Effect] in Preffix.

x% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate of Travel Skills/Enduring Cry has x% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate

4% Incresed Action Speed

Prepare something with [Life][Spell Suppress][Movement Speed][Resistance].

Body Armour
Determination has #% increased Aura Effect

Flasks gain 1(or2) Charges every 3 seconds

Prepare something with [Life][Spell Suppress][Resistance].
Add Armour & Evade mods to Preffix to achieve high Armour and Evade if possible.

If Body Armour mod is [flask is 2 charges every 3 seconds], then Flask Mastery's [life flask is 1 charge every 3 seconds] is not needed.


Prepare something with [Life][Resistance].
Prepare a frame in Preffix that can craft [Non-Cannelling Skills have -7 to Total Mana Cost].


Prepare something with [+1 to Level of all Chaos Skill Gems] in Agate Amulet.
Prepare a frame in Preffix that can craft [Non-Cannelling Skills have -7 to Total Mana Cost].

Toxic Rain ensures high DPS by attacking with Player and Totem, and stacking the Wither debuff further increases DPS.


The bow itself and the,Each Gem is very expensive.
Empower4 is very expensive and should be put off if you cannot afford the assets.


Increases overall DPS and debuffs Wither.
Linking Culling Strike will help in boss fights.

Withering Step

Wither debuff against enemies who have not accumulated stacks, quickly increasing DPS.

Blood Rage

AS increased. Provides Frenzy during normal MAP farm.
Difficult to manage Life during boss fights. Do not use it when it is troublesome.

Curse - Despair

Set in Maloney for use.
Normally Rain of Arrow. switch to Frenzy for boss fights.


The resiliency of this build is very strong.
Since it recovers ES at the same time as Life, the real value is doubled, ultimately recovering 2500 to 4000 x2(Life,ES) per second.
Lifetap Buff and Midium Cluster are used to increase Flask's resilience.
And we get Mastary [50% increased Life Recovery from Flasks used when on Low Life].

Energy Shield Pool

Blet and Body Armour mods to gain Energy Shield.

Physical Damage

Resistance to Physical Damage is higher than it appears.
Armour is around 25,000, but with 3 Endurance Charges and [Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire/Cold/Lightning Damage], 34% is converted to Elemental.
Finally, Watcher's Eye can add another +8% Physical Reduction.

Elemental Damage

The various Elemental Flasks Less damage, so they are highly resistant to damage.

Chaos Damage
The Hybrid type is not very resistant to Chaos Damage, but by obtaining the ES&Evasion Mastery [30% of Chaos Damage does not bypass Energy Shield], a very high resistance can be ensured.

Ailments and Other
Elemental Ailments
Freeze is disabled by Pantheon.
Chill and Shock are reduced by Reduce Effect.
Ignite and Buarning can be removed with Life Flask.

Bleed & Corrupted Blood
Master Surgeon is used to counteract the two debuffs.
Used when Charges reach full, so Trigger Flask automatically removes the debuffs.

Add [Reduce Curse Effect] to the Suffix of Quicksilver Flask.

Brine King's [You cannot be Stunned if you've been Stunned or Blocked a Stunning Hit in the past 2 seconds] is a must.
Enelgy Shield (Avoid Stun 50%) and some Avoid Stun.

It does not Stun very often, but it does on rare occasions when it takes heavy damage.

Petrified Blood

Use for more durability.
Using Petrified Blood Anomalous Quality is suicidal and causes too much Dot damage.
Normally you can't use it, but in the case of this build, it rarely goes into Low Life and is very resilient, so we use it as an insurance policy.

・Normal and Anomalous quality
Hit Pool in Low Life condition increases by 66.6%.
Dot damage is not a problem if the build is somewhat invested in Recover.

The value received will increase by approximately 15%(81.8%) over Normal Quality.
However, it should not be used in a normal Petrified build, as the Dot you receive will be more than doubled.

Spell Suppress
High resistance to Spell due to 100%.
By securing a large amount of Spell Suppress with equipment, we are reducing the Node of Magebane and other Passive Tree.

Split Damage - Master Surgeon

Combine Master Surgeon with this Flask and you get a very high Split Damage resistance.
Check out the video below for more details.

Gurd Skill - Molten Shell&Vaal Molten Shell

Cast When Damage Taken is operating at maximum level.
Basically, I don't feel much threat except One Shot and Dot Damage, so I set the threshold for activation high.

Other Defencive Key Stone
・Call to Arms

Activate Cry, which does not require an action. This will safely earn Endurance Charge.

・Ghost Dance

A large amount of Evasion is essential for the adoption of Ghost Dance. To meet this requirement, you need to get Aul's Uprising and have space to Reserve another Aura(Grace).
In the case of HC, if you give up Large Cluste and Malevolence, you can secure the Reserve space and Passive Point needed for Ghost Dance. However, DPS will be extremely reduced.

Helmet Enchant should be selected from the following.
Enduring Cry Enchant is recommended for ease of operation.
・Blood Rage grants additional 12% increased Attack Speed
・30% increased Despair Curse Effect
・Enduring Cry grants 1 additional Endurance Charge
・Toxic Rain deals 40% increased Damage
・Withering Step inflicts 3 additional Withered Debuffs

80% chance to Avoid being Stunned if you've Killed Recently

Enemies Withered by you have -6% to all Resistances

Basically, use Corruption.
It is possible to gain Life in exchange for reduced DPS, but this is an option for HC.

Uber Gear&Set Up

We use the standard Kraft Bow. Note that the cost is over 10ex.

Watcher's Eye

There are several candidates, but I went with [Physical Damage Reduction].
Candidates for WE are as follows
・#% additional Physical Damage Reduction while affected by Determination
・You take #% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes while affected by Determination
・#% to Damage over Time Multiplier while affected by Malevolence

Extra Mod
Change Lifetap to Level 1 Vitality and Link Arrogance Support. This will enable Vitality with a small amount of Life Reserve.
Change Mastery's [50% increased Life Recovery from Flasks used when on Low Life] to Life to maintain Life value.
Or you can leave it as it is if you want to maintain the resilience.
・#% increased Life Recovery from Flasks while affected by Vitality


Place it next to [Avater of the Hunt] under Renger to cut down on a lot of points.
Use the extra points to get Sion Resi&Jewel Node or combine with Aul's Uprising to get Ghost Dance.

Aul's Uprising

You can get one Aura for free. Use the extra Mana to add Grace for higher Evasion and reduce Points with Unnatural to get Ghost Dance.
If you can employ UnsetRing, you can link [Arrogance] to the Aura made free by Aul to increase its effectiveness.

Forbidden Flame/Flesh

You can get Deadeye's [Occupying Force].
This Ascendancy Node is not very strong by nature, but it works very well with Toxic Rain.
Mirage Archer's duration is very long, and the explosion of a Pod placed on the ground by the PC can summon Mirage Archer. It can also be summoned by simply walking around, which is convenient.

Replica Soul Tether - Corrupted
If you want to change the Implicit of the belt, please refer to the following mod.
・x% to all Elemental Resistances
・x% increased Skill Effect Duration
・x% increased Attack Speed during any Flask Effect
・x% increased maximum Life
・Malevolence has x% increased Aura Effect
・Determination has x% increased Aura Effect
・Grace has x% increased Aura Effect

Bandit & Pantheon
All Kill +2P / Brine King + Garukhan

Start Up

End Game

Uber Gear
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I always like your version of TR PF. Keeping the dream alive.
Very impressive. Would there be any downsides to using these defenses but with spectral helix, and nightblade support with a shield? Or with poisonous concoction?

How do you like toxic rain with the second 6 link ballista ?
It is not clear if it can be assembled with other builds.
There is a lot of essential gear to acquire this defense mechanism.

I don't expect much DPS from Totem, but giving Wither is powerful, and linking Culling Strike can be very useful in End Game boss fights.
However, from a FPS standpoint, it is insanely heavy.
Is Supreme Decadence working with master surgeon?
Yes, they work at the same time.
However, due to the limitations of Petrified Blood, Master Surgeon will only activate if Low Life.
does it matter wich auls u get ? malevolence , Determination or grace ? or just malevolence working
thoughts on the new belt, burden of truth?
davidchoix wrote:
thoughts on the new belt, burden of truth?

As with this build, sustained recovery cannot be applied to the ES.
Because the damage value received by Life and ES is not equal.
We need to find another way to use it.
Had my ass handed to me while playing COC vs the new 'Uber' bosses, would the endgame variant of this be enough to beat them even with terrible player skill?

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