Kiruzi's Mirror Service Thread

fee: 150 divines
@KiruziGoesFullNYAAAA Hi, I would like to get a mirror-service for Glyph Shelter Hubris Circlet in Standard (fee: 150divines).

fee: 50 divines
@KiruziGoesFullNYAAAA Hi, I would like to get a mirror-service for Oblivion Scratch Royal Skean in Standard (fee: 50divines).

!!Implicits can be changed by buyers request on theyre own cost and changing implcits back aswell!!

IGN: KiruziGoesFullNYAAAA
DISCORD: Kiruzi#7070
if im not online in PoE pls write me on Discord in DMs or over the MFAcademy Discord

MF Academy Mirror Shop -->
I invite you to join the 🏹 Magic Find Academy Discord Server.

The MF Academy is a friendly community aiming to empower players by sharing valuable resources:

💎 Farming Strategy Guide, an in-depth Google Spreadsheet to learn how to map for profit
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Last bumped on Aug 22, 2022, 10:59:40 AM
Free bump and I have included your helmet in my list of service mirrors for aurabot and support. or in

Do not hesitate to contact me to complete my list in the goal of proposing various options for an aurabot who wishes to improve its build while having choice and thus to find the best item in coherence with its build.

again, great item you have, see you soon.
Last edited by Tssay on Apr 3, 2022, 9:23:24 AM
Nice helmet, really like it!
Free bump for nice item

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