3.17 Detonate Dead Poison Assassin

Hello exiles.

After hearing all thiese jokes about DD being dead and useless skill i decided to give it a shot with poison.

Man it was a blast. Fast, smooth, immortal and especially fun! Also elemental ailment immune and stun immune.

Pros & Cons

+Allmost immortal
+Mad dps (im at atleast 15 million poison dps atm.)
+Being a DoT build so no need ot watch enemies go to 0 hp when they will do over time. Also gives more defensive options as we can move away from kosis slam meanwhile it dies etc.

-Doing legion is miserable as we dont have that big aoe
-Being a DoT build so nothing with any hp explodes or dies instantly.
-Mageblood build (im gonna test simu without MB when i reach 100)

PoB Breakdown



That's my current PoB. And yes you can do all content with lots of cheaper/worse gear. Let me explain some most important things and my own desicions while making the build

Im using power charges (ascendancy) as i felt that getting powers from chest were a waste + i didnt see the elusive ascendancy that useful.

Attack speed:
We are using 2x spells in our CoC setup which means we need PoB attack rate at 15.18 which results 7.57 casts per second (7.57 desecrates + 7.57 Detonate deads). For this we need 14% cooldown recovery speed on gear. Easily obtained from awakened cast on critical strike. Going more then that 14% does nothing as going for 30.30 attacks per second is really hard and requires a lot more attack speed.

Corpse life:
We use Phantasmal desecrate which can summon flickershades (300% more hp).
Ashes of the stars gives epic 30% more quality so we got 50% per corpse to spawn a 300% more hp corpse.

Regular lvl 83 corpse got around 15k hp. We take 2x 10% increased corpse life from tree which results around ~18k normal corpse life.
Yet that 50% chance to pop that sweet ~48k hp corpse is there so i decided to go with manual setup of 25k. Yet PoB says 15million but you can see few youtube videos and see things melt.

Kitava's Teachings:
EPIC defense booster. Consume corpse once a second to recover 5% hp. Love it

Timeless Jewel:
I decided to go with Glorious Vanity Xibaqua.
It grants Divine Flesh.
I also opted for megalomaniac and got Born of Chaos there to boost my survivability even more.

Watcher's eye:
MOST IMPORTANT mod is X life gained on hit while affected by vitality.
Other 1-2 mods can be as offensive or defensive as you want.

Forbidden Flesh & Forbidden Flame
I went for obvious choise of Prolonged pain

<<< ALSO there's "count" mark on PoB after the Detonate Dead. Put this on 5 as we are using awak Spell Cascade which results 5 explosions per cast -> 7.57x5 -> 35 corpses per second >>>


Note that im using ashes of the stars which grants 30% more quality to all skill gems so im taking advantage of most altered qualities:

Anomalous Molten Shell 20/20
Anomalous Defiance Banner 20/20
Anomalous Vitality 1/20

Anomalous Withering Step 20/20
Divergent Plague Bearer 20/20
Anomalous Precision 14/20

Divergent Cyclone 20/20
Awakened Cast on Critical Strike 5/20
Anomalous Detonate Dead 21/20
Awakened Spell Cascade 5/20
Phantasmal Desecrate 20/20
Awakened Unbound Ailments 5/20

Divergent Malevolence
Anomalous Determination 21/20
Anomalous Vaal Grace 20/20
Enlighten 4

Awakened Blasphemy 5/20
Temporal Chains 20/20
Divergent Herald of Agony 20/20
Elighten 4

Anomalous Vengeance 20/20
Anomalous Cast on Critical Strike 20/20
Anomalous Summon Ice Golem 20/20
Lifetap 20/20

If u want to spare some EX use enlighten lvl 3's and lower levels on precision.

Note that you kinda must use Divergent Herald of Agony to get that corpse explosion 100% chance to inflict poison


Only "Mandatory" item is ashes of the stars. Im going to try without Mageblood aswell. Rest are just rares. In rares look thiese mods:

-Attack speed until 15.18~ish at PoB

Crafting the dagger:

I spammed speed essences until i got multi with it and free suffix. I locked suffixes and reforged chaos. Hit poison damage. Went with it. Suffixes were done.

After suffixes i locked suffixes again and went for hunter exalt. Result were miserable and i reforged more chaos until i hit hunter chaos mod. After that just slammed 1 ex for the fun of it and crafted "hits cannot be evaded".

Some Videos:

simu 30

regular t16 map

Flawless Chay

100% deli mino with 83% more hp

Searing exarch Phail

Feel free to ask anything about the build!

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Hello. Thanks for sharing this build, but I have one question - is it working without mageblood?

There is no options, I will be able to buy one for whole league (father, work, maybe not casual playing, but just no enough time). So any chance to do magic like you do on your videos without that one?

Last edited by strozerro on May 7, 2022, 11:34:45 AM
Would this work self casting? Is there any benefit?

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