[3.17] Self-Cast Reap Guardian - Build In Progress

Hello Exiles! This build is intended to be my 3.17 project, as I don't see very many Reap builds out there. This is a for fun build, that I am working on, and hoping to share with everyone! If you are looking for a min/max build that will insta-kill all content, you might have to look elsewhere. But if you are looking for a fun and different build to play and have fun with to push as far as we can, keep reading!


Current 3.17 (In Progress): https://pastebin.com/Edu4fY7D

Build Mechanics

Reap is our main skill that we self cast. We augment our physical damage with corrupting fever, which applies a DOT when we hit something with Reap. This applies a Reap DOT and a Corrupting Fever DOT.

Because Reap uses life to cast, we get a lot of Life Regeneration from the tree and some on our Rare gear. This allows us to sustain casting of Reap during longer boss fights.
We are an Armour/Evasion build, with maxed out Armour. We have ~40% chance to Evade attacks with 90% Physical Damage Reduction.
We also have maxed block (75% Attack and Spell Block) which gives us even more tankiness.

How we fix slow cast speed
The problem with self casting Reap, and self casting Exsanguinate, is that our cast speed is low, which caps our damage without cast speed. Our Chestpiece, Daresso's Defiance, allows us to gain onslaught when we are hit based on how many Endurance charges we have. Since the Chestpiece also gives us an Endurance charge on kill and 20% chance to gain an Endurance charge on hit from Guardian ascendancy, we are getting ~15 seconds of onslaught every time we get hit. This vastly improves our cast speed and let's us output more damage.


Gem Links

Main 6 Link - Chestpiece
Reap - Awakened Brutality - Cruelty - Awakened Controlled Destruction - Efficacy - Empower

Corrupting Fever 4 Link - Helmet
Corrupting Fever - Awakened Brutality - Efficacy - Awakened Swift Affliction

Aura 1 3 Link - Shield
Herald of Purity - War Banner - Tempest Shield

Aura 2 4 Link - Gloves/Boots
Determination - Pride - Malevolence - Enlighten

Utility 3 Link - Wand
Flame Dash - Arcane Surge - Faster Casting

Defensive 4 Link - Gloves/Boots
Vaal Molten Shell -

We have 4 gems that we can add, suggestions welcome.

Bandits + Ascendancy

Kill all Bandits for the 2 extra points

Lab 1: Harmony of Purpose
Lab 2: Radiant Faith
Lab 3: Unwavering Faith
Lab 4: Bastian of Hope

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