Poison proliferation


I've been a fan of poison build for some time and trying niche ways of building them.
I think the most fun I had was in delirium league with the cobra lash dagger, back before the poison mod nerf.

What I always struggled with is the poison prolif and ways you can get it. For now you have only 2 main choices (ignoring chaos pops): either pathfinder of Bino's knife, but if you wanted to do Assassin elemental poison dagger for example you cannot put a Bino since it will tank your dps. Of course there are other poison build.

I'd really like more alternatives to proliferation like a passive that prolifs poison from critical for example (or support). Something that does not hinder the choice of weapons from example. More suggestions welcome.

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I think it's because it's such a powerful thing that there's a reason it's only on very specific things, you could just slot a bino for clear and switch to a better weapon for single target
The problem with Bino is that its not a very good weapons besides the prolif. Even more if you want to do some things as elemental poison with the new dagger types.

Strike skills offer even more complication since you either need splash or additional targets. I think new forms of prolif would open more builds with poison strike skills.
robecor wrote:
The problem with Bino is that its not a very good weapons besides the prolif.

That's not a problem, that's the whole point of the item. That's like saying the problem with Shavronne's Wrappings is that they don't give as much as ES nor #% spell crit nor frenzy charge generation like a well crafted double influenced Vaal Regalia does. This is how top tier uniques were made back in the days, they don't outshine their rare counterparts with base stats but they give unique modifiers that are either very rare or completely exclusive to that single unique i.e Bino's, Shavronne's Wrappings, Soul Taker, Voltaxic Rift, Skyforth, Mjolner, Atziri's Acuity etc.

It provides a unique mod that's mind you very strong, having to play a certain ascendancy or use 1 item to obtain it is more than fair, especially when item in question is a dagger meaning you have room for another 1h weapon or a shield.

It's also not an entirely useless item, it gives you 30% DoT and 12.5% DoT multiplier if you use Perfect Agony which I suppose you would on an Assassin otherwise why are you playing poison Assassin? Not only that but it's also has the single highest base crit out of any dagger that goes up to 9.45%.

Now that we're talking about the Bino's, given this is an old tier 0 unique from the golden era I'm quite pleasantly surprised how well this item has aged compared to some other from that era, it's not as good as it was back in the days because DW phys dagger specs were very popular and strong at the time but it still provides a strong & unique purpose, impressive...Looking at you Voltaxic Rift.
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