[3.17] Self-Chill Lightning Strike Slayer - now with first videos

First of all, the PoB: https://pastebin.com/wnWnFyKT
Now also with Mageblood: https://pastebin.com/JxnqZFwu


Baran and AlHezmin getting it:
Simple Map:

As the title indicates, this is not a real guide, you won't find leveling trees or anything like that.
Also, this is not fundamentally new. In fact, this build is a blatant theft is heavily inspired by KobeBlackMamba's LS Berserker, so big shoutout at this point. Before league start, I tested the Zerker and found I'm too unfocused/lazy to keep up with the ever-changing timing of warcries. I still wanted some decent move-speed, so after some fiddling I ended at a Self-chill Slayer, making use of Forbidden Flame/Flesh to also get challenger charges.

The build is not straight-up better than the alternatives for nightblade-abusing LS, as far as I can tell, but it still feels quite nice.

It looks like quite the glass-cannon and tbh, it felt like it for some time. At least until I got my Chaos-Res to an acceptable level. With Res of 85+, a good chunk of Chaos Res and high(ish) Armour it is quite decent. Made it to lvl 100 just by mapping.

-adequate movespeed (+270% without flasks while mapping; +360% with flask; 440% with Mageblood))
-ok clear (20mil dps, 8 projectiles that pierce 6 targets at around 20 attacks per second)
-can do most content (eHP ~150k w/o flasks, 1.5k/s recovery, crit immune)

-Can get a bit expensive
-People will laugh at your life-pool
-Some vulnerabilities not taken care of (Mageblood can fix some of them) (Curses, Shock, Phys Reflect, -max res mod)

Core concepts:
Most of this has been explained in great detail by people who have a better grasp on this game than I do, so I will keep it brief:

We scale Elusive through Nightblade, Claw Mastery and Dagger Mastery to boost basically everything, including a ridiculous amount of Crit Multi, considering the investment. You don't have the full effect continously (therefore "only" 190% in the PoB), but putting whithering step on leftclick refreshes it regularly enough. Anomalous Nightblade is a nice extra, but not a must-have.

The reason we are playing as Slayer. We get Winterweave, Venopuncture and Golden Rule to inflict bleed (without taking damage from it thanks to endless hunger), which chills us for 10%. This gets scaled through cold-ailment effect and non-damaging ailment effect. The Brutal Fervor ascendancy node makes sure the leech isn't removed when we hit full live, but we cannot run "cannot leech" with this setup or the vampiric archnemesis mod.

Sources for ailment effectiveness:
Boots: up to 60%
Helmet Eldritch implicit: up to 29%
Calamitous cluster node: 15%
Elemental mastery: 40%
Small nodes on tree: 20%
Jewel Corruptions: Up to 7%
Medium Cluster Jewel which says so right on the top: 10% per node + half of the notables you can get
Tree: 40%
Abyss jewels: up to 15%
Again cluster nodes like Deep Chill. In my opinion not really worth it/necessary
Worth noting: If you have Captured Tanner Lightfoot for Soul of the Brine King, you will probably need another source for Freeze Immunity.

Alternate Ailments:
The Interrogation gives us Scorch, Brittle and Sapped, which we further scale with ailment-effectiveness. This gets us crit chance capped, increased ele pen. and greatly reduced incoming damage

But I want to Zoom-Zoom:
We can get to 30% Chill Effect and add elevated Tailwind, which is 40% increased action speed. Then we add Forbidden Flame and Flesh which gives us challenger charger, thus 20% MORE attack and move speed. You don't need a stance-skill for this, blood stance is default. Finally, if you acquire a Mageblood, a good quicksilver flask will add about 175% ms as this again is multiplied through chill and challenger charges.

Ok, now I want to survive at least some damage:
I tried to get a decent amount of increased max res, standing at 89/87/87/79 res. Then a bit of Armour through Brass Dome and Determination (and the other equipment slots). Watchers Eye can provide a decent chunk of phys reduction for a reasonable price

Other stuff regarding clear:
As mentioned under "Pro", a bit of pierce is quite nice. Anomalous LS gives 2, Helm Enchant 3 and Eldritch Glove Implicit the last one. The additional Strike Implicit, however is far more important. Also, if you want more damage instead of defense, you can of course go for a Blizzard Crown. Working without Crystallized Omniscience is of course possible as well (and probably makes gearing easier overall), but it's quite a bit of damage it provides.

Gear overview:

Lethal Pride:
Aside from the generic +strength it provides for omni, the following mods are great:
%max life
%chance to intimidate on hit
%chance to deal double damage
%chance to get endurance charges on kill
Crit multi


Main Attack: Lightning Strike(Vaal and/or Anomalous)- Nightblade -Trinity-(Awakened)Multistrike -(Awakened)Elemental Damage with Attacks -(Awakened)Added Cold/Lightning
Take Care that your Lightning damage can hit a good bit under and above one other element for Trinity to be reliable. lvl 5 Awakened Ele Damage gives immunity to Ele reflect, lvl 5 awakened Lightning gives +1 to LS

Burst Damage: Multiple Totems -(Vaal)Ancestral Warchief -(Phantasmal)Ancestral Protector

Mobility: Withering Step -Flame Dash - Lifetap
With Withering Step on leftclick, Flame Dash will always be on cooldown, but it still gathers stored used, thus helping across ledges

Safety: Cast when Damage taken - Molten Shell

Auras: Determination, Precision, Skitterbots (+unbound ailments if you like)
You cannot Shock, but the bots can. Loosing Dex to Omniscience is a hit to Accuracy, so Precision it is. You can throw in an Enlighten somewhere, but personally, I won't try to push for a fourth aura, so it's just a bit Qol

More Damage: (Divergent)Mark on Hit - Assassins Mark, (Anomalous)Bloodrage
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I added two small videos to give a better impression of this build and added a new lvl100 PoB featuring Mageblood. That belt is crazy (who would have thought?) and the more speed multipliers from Self-chill and Challenger Charges makes it even nuttier. +444% increased ms average or +517% top speed currently.
Why not yt? Can't watch the videos w\o an account.
I haven't been aware of vimeo blocking the videos until review, thanks for letting me know! I moved them to yt now.

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