3.17 - Aurastack - 285 mov speed

Hi all and for begin sorry for my english

Now 1 month i think to do 1 build hwo can farm all fast and my choice was aura stacker - this after 1 long break and when i return i see aura stacker builds on league .

Video with some action - tanking few hits from wave 30 boss tanking shaper slam and 3k depth - more on request

PoB https://pastebin.com/Si0wgS4f

My items

PoE tree link

Now about build - this setup its expensive somehow and we need something cheaper i think - we can use 3 pass voices and for begin its better to go EK - only simulacrum need HH and spark for easy runs - and flask with phasing on sim and delve - delve spark too - dont use pierce because fork its much stronger

This was my choice for items and any sugestions about how to improve this its wellcome

If have any question i try answer all in max 24h

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I am wondering, how to get 90% physical damage reduction without Determination aura?
andrew8448 wrote:
I am wondering, how to get 90% physical damage reduction without Determination aura?

59% phys red from guardian and flask 1500 armour with 95% effect + defiance banner

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