[3.17] Discharge Ignite Jugg

Hello fellow exiles!

Wanted to share my fun build for this league. It's a endurance charge stacking discharge ignite jugg. Cleared everything including hall of grandmasters.

POB: https://pastebin.com/Ai3kgBjh

You can also check my profile.

Character stats:
12 endurance charges
~7k life
~900 ES
~880 Life Regen (with all charges)
90% All Ele res
75% Chaos res
26% attack block chance
~20k Armour
90% phys dmg reduction (with all charges)
100% spell suppress
Element immune
86% Crit reduction (can get 100 with shield and drop passive)
~90% reduced curse effect (flask + pantheon)
Ele reflect immune with one passive respec

I'd say around 2 mil ignite dps but unsure how POB counts scorched and flame surge burning ground.

Playstyle: Infernal Cry (left click) -> shield charge into mob(s) -> discharge

Watch things burn -> rinse & repeat

Leveled and farmed with Boneshatter till I crafted all my gear then swapped to discharge (needs lots of regrets).

Lots of things to improve and min-max :)

Feel free to ask questions here or IGN: JuggJuggBaby
Last bumped on Mar 9, 2022, 8:44:58 AM
Hi it looks nice! Can you do showcase videos? including wave 30 etc and clearing/bossing

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