[3.17] Quarian's Hexblast! (CI, Chaos Area Damage)

Hey there, recently I created my own build for the first time and was positively surprised how well it went. Especially against hordes of enemies, which usually just go boom after a bunch of instant casts. I find it extremely fun to play.

So besides the link with the Path of Building import I just gonna cover a few basics:

Skill Tree Progression

To be ready to switch to Chaos Inoculation once you have the gear for it you should make it a priority to skill next to it. Other than that I deem it most useful to reach the chaos damage cluster with the Corruption and Heart Of Darkness nodes as early as possible.

Leveling Skills

Basically you can use any chaos based spell. I would recommend to not switch to Hexblast till you at least did ascend for the 2nd time. Speaking of Ascending, we go with Occultist and my recommended order for our ascendency skills is:

(1) Profane Bloom: We ignore curse immunity and letting cursed enemies explode is the most essential point of this build.
(2) Malediction: We get an additional Curse (our 3rd one)
(3) Void Beacon
(4) Withering Presence


So there is only 1 core item: Vixen's Entrapment (Gloves). We will self-cast our hexes and those gloves allow us to cast all 3 of them at once. You have to put the 2 curses into it which you won't actively cast. The 3rd one, the one we cast ourselves, goes into any other item. It's usually really cheap (around 1C).

And for our main skill (sockedted into our 6-link chest) I recommend going with a wand + shield which gives our ES values a serious boost. Sometimes though, against tough enemies, - especially those with life reg - it makes sense to have an alternative skill ready. I therefore put a 6-link Staff with a common essence drain setup into my 2nd weapon slot.

And please ignore my current helmet enchantment in PoB. I wear that helmet for the other stats and didn't put any effort yet into replacing it with a useful one :)

Path of Building:


Truth be told, I hadn't that much time to play yet in this season. What I did so far is completing the atlas, kill a bunch of conquerors, all beyond bosses, Atziri and a handful of breach lords. So far I couldn't test my build against the shaper or Elder but I think that should be possible as well.
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