[3.17]Blade Fall/ Blade Blast Poison Occultist "Tank" and "Fast"

I don't know if I'm the first person playing this, in that case I'm must be the "creator" of this build.
-Big AoE Plague Bearer for Excelent Mapping
-Excelent ES sustain because of the Watcher's Eye Es on Hit
-90% all max res
-Perfect Resis for best use for Wise Oak
-Perma Flask
-Nice Armour
-The Stampede make us "fast" we cannot be slowed by annoying things, at least our mov speed ( Maven's Orbs, Delirium Mobs,etc )
-Can tank sirus Die, Maven Slam (not the brain slam), Maven's Brain Lasser, Im not using Molten Shell, It should be more tankier if replace molthen shell for Flame Dash.
Can be Used with Mageblood.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/uDCWCWRW

Im Selling this build @KrisP69#1441 DM on discord if interested.
Can do a Low Budget Version and Mid Budget Version if I have some extra time.
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