[Console] 3.17.2 Patch Preview

Patch 3.17.2 for console is expected to release sometime next week. In addition to the changes that were deployed on PC, there are some console specific changes included.

We have a potential fix ready for the Dancing Dervish AI on console. We're also in the process of testing some changes that should fix common crashes related to using currency as well as crashes that occur in performance-heavy endgame scenarios.

We're still working on Kirac's Vault Pass on console and it won't be ready for 3.17.2.

For a full list of other changes coming in 3.17.2, check out the Patch Notes for PC here.
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Grinding Gear Games
I'm really glad to hear about the crash fixes.

Looking forward to it.

And a big "thanks" for continuing the improved communication with the console community!
Great Work!
Thanks GGG. Really looking forward to the Dancing Dervish Fix.

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