3.17 Explosive concoction deadeye | Extreme tankiness with decent damage (3ex version)


For your discussion I'd like to introduce low budget leagustarter, which can easily be min-maxed to the endgame.

Deadeye is used for additional survivability from mark + additional proj.
Can be used on any ascendancy.


Gameplay video and videoguide: https://youtu.be/plbScPj3veQ

PoB (community fork): https://pastebin.com/DYZKb7Sa
semi min-maxed: https://pastebin.com/9v4XpTHE

How it works?

Nothing special:
Explosive concoction has great damage potential, so we do not need offensive auras.
So, we can focus on our tankiness.
Determination + Rumi's concoction + tempest shield + daresso's courage shield = 90% phys damage reduction + max attack/spell block
Grace gives us 80% chance to evade.
Purity of elements = immunity to ailments
Bleeding flask with more recovery on low life
Petrified blood - less damage taken and we are always on low life
Defiance banner - boost of determination and grace
Vaal pact gives us leech = 100% of unreserved life per second
Precision for some accuracy

Stacking mana and life reservation on the tree (no further investment)

All we need on the gear is +to levels to explosive concoction and attack speed - it's the best boost of damage for explosive concoction. (hit version)

Sapphire and topaz flasks with + to charges and harvest enchantment for +100 to charges (as we don't use flasks, our charges do not decrease)

Offering to the serpent is not mandatory, because when you have less than 50% of life reserved - you still overleech.
I just didn't change it, because at the initial version of the build I didn't run petrified blood.


1) Pros


*Great leaguestarter
*Very cheap
*Insanely tanky
*Good damage for the cost


2) Cons


*Cannot do tough maps with "cannot leech" mods
*20+ waves of simulacrum are probably difficult due to the lack of burst damage


3) Levelling


Easy levelling with explosive concoction, following the tree.
Any bow skill, till you get the explosive concoction.


4) Ascendancy/Skill tree/Links/Pantheon


Focal point
Gathering winds
Ricochet (can be changed for Far shot if able to stack AOE to overlap in the distancs)
Endless munitions

Bandits: kill all

Pantheon: Arakaali + Ryslatha(or Shakari)

Path of building (community fork): https://pastebin.com/DYZKb7Sa
semi min-maxed: https://pastebin.com/9v4XpTHE

Gameplay video and videoguide: https://youtu.be/plbScPj3veQ


5) Current gear and gem setups


We can skip elemental overload on the skin of the lords if we manage to get accuracy above maximum life and take "precise technique"

Good corruption on the daresso's courage is a big bonus.

Any gloves are available if you reserve more, than 50% of life.
I didn't change offering to the serpent since the 1 version of the build, when I didn't use petrified blood to have endless leech.


explosive concoction + inspiration + ele damage with attacks + any other relevant supports due to your budget
awakened ele focus is insane, as well as awakened increased AOE

Tempest shield + defiance banner + arrogance + precision (15-17 lvl)

Inspiration + crafts on jewellery allows to get 2 mana cost to get inspiration charges.

Purity of elements - determination - Grace

Flame dash, Ancestral protector, Blood rage

Molten shell + increased duration on movement button

Self cast sniper's mark (or mark on hit if you do not want to push buttons)
But for deadeye it's better to selfcast it.




Any rare with inc max life + attack speed + damage

Large cluster with corrosive elements
2 Medium clusters with eye-to-eye + repeater.


Thank you and good luck!

For more videos:
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for reference, this isnt the optimal gem setup for EC. best support gems are greater volley and gmp since this skill can shotgun
auspexa wrote:
for reference, this isnt the optimal gem setup for EC. best support gems are greater volley and gmp since this skill can shotgun

We have +2 proj from deadeye + dying sun.
if we add +4 (5) from gmp we need too much aoe for all projectiles to hit the target. (which we do not have here)
You can check my another version with elementalist golemancer concoction, there we have gmp.


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